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After 9 hours of interrogation, Sisodia claims – pressure was made to leave AAP, CBI retaliated

Manish Sisodia Alligations Against CBI: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was questioned by the CBI on Monday (October 17) for about 9 hours. After this, he made serious allegations against the agency and targeted the BJP. Manish Sisodia claimed that pressure was made to leave the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) by taking him to the side at the CBI headquarters.

After this, the CBI retaliated on Sisodia’s allegations. The agency said that Manish Sisodia was questioned under the law on the basis of the allegations made in the FIR and the evidence gathered in the investigation. They were interrogated in a professional and legal manner.

Sisodia told the media that a case has been registered against him regarding the Excise Scam case to make Operation Lotus a success.

What did Manish Sisodia say?

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Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said in his entire statement in front of the media, “Today I was called to the CBI headquarters for nine hours and the issue was that the scam that has happened in the excise policy.. So called, its. There is to be questioned, about which BJP repeatedly says – a scam of ten thousand crores happened in Delhi.. But today I went to CBI and saw it. I saw that there is no scam there, there is no issue of scam there. The whole case is fake. I know that the whole case is fake and today during the nine hours of interrogation in the CBI.. for the nine hours that I stayed there, I understood how the whole case is fake and how they did the whole conspiracy. Has been.”

Operation Lotus charge

Sisodia further said, “Today I understand that they have not put the case in CBI to investigate any scam, they have made the CBI case against me to make Operation Lotus successful in Delhi. . I was understanding this from outside also earlier, but today I went inside and for nine hours in CBI Headquarters I understood more how Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was destroying agencies like CBI in an unconstitutional manner.. in an unconstitutional way.. Using it to create pressure in a wrong way.

Sisodia said – pressure was put on me in the side

Deputy CM Sisodia said, “There was talk on excise but I was surprised that even there pressure was made on me on the side that you leave ‘AAP’.. Why are you in ‘AAP’? I said, “Why?” He said, otherwise these cases will continue on you like this. I said it is not there in this case.. it will end, then I was told that.. on the side.. which cases are with Satendra Jain, what are the true cases against Satendra Jain, that too. If he can stay in jail for six months, then you can also stay for six months. So I said that BJP is a very dirty party, I can leave ‘AAP’ only for it, then I was told that no. Will also make it again.. So I said that I have come only a little to become the Chief Minister.

Sisodia told this reason for joining politics

Sisodia further said, “I have come for education, we did not want to come in politics, we have come for education, to work honestly. Then I clearly said that brother, I get happiness when the child of Delhi’s rickshaw driver becomes an engineer, I do not get happiness in becoming CM. Nothing will be gained by thinking of becoming CM. When a Delhi med girl becomes a doctor, I feel happy. My life is dedicated to education. I am not going to come under any pressure from Operation Lotus like this. Do whatever they want to do. The whole case is fake. There is no truth in it even from far and wide, there has been no scam of one crore, one rupee anywhere. These BJP people have been saying and putting pressure – there has been a scam of ten thousand crores, no scam has happened, today I have understood from there as well.

CBI counterattack

The CBI has vehemently denied the allegations leveled by Manish Sisodia. CBI said, “Manish Sisodia was questioned by the CBI today in connection with the Delhi Excise Policy case. He was strictly interrogated on the basis of the allegations made in the FIR and the evidence gathered during the investigation of the case so far. His statement will be verified in due course and further action will be taken as per the requirements of the investigation. Some media sections have shown a video in which Manish Sisodia, after leaving the CBI office, said on camera that during his CBI interrogation he was threatened to leave his political party and or some such allegations were made. The CBI vehemently denies these allegations and reiterates that Manish Sisodia was questioned strictly in a professional and legal manner as per the allegations made in the FII. The investigation of the case will continue as per the law.

Ruckus over CBI inquiry

Earlier, the reactions of many AAP leaders including Sisodia had come to the fore after receiving the CBI summons for questioning. The Aam Aadmi Party even said that Sisodia will be arrested when he visits the CBI headquarters. On Monday, when Sisodia was being interrogated inside the CBI headquarters, AAP workers were protesting outside. Some activists, including AAP leader Sanjay Singh, were also detained. In the morning, before leaving for the CBI Headquarters, Sisodia went to pay obeisance at Bapu’s samadhi site in Delhi’s Rajghat and his convoy was seen as a procession of an alleged show of strength.

What is the Excise Policy scam case?

Let us tell you that there is a dispute regarding Delhi’s Excise Policy 2021-22. The Aam Aadmi Party government of Delhi was accused of ignoring the rules in giving liquor licenses and undue benefit to the contractors. BJP has wrongly accused the Kejriwal government of giving benefits of Rs 144 thousand crore to liquor contractors. The CBI has also registered an FIR against Manish Sisodia, who handles the excise department. He is accused of violating the GNCTD Act 1991, Transaction of Business Rules (TOBR) 1993, Delhi Excise Act 2009, Delhi Excise Rules 2010. In July this year, following a report by the Chief Secretary of Delhi, Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena had recommended a CBI inquiry into the matter.

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