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After all, who is responsible for those 9 dead bodies? Court acquits 8 accused of Panwari case after 32 years

Agra: After the caste conflict in Panwari village of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Dalits had announced not to celebrate Hindu festivals. A few days after the massacre, the first festival was Hariyali Teej, for not celebrating which the Dalit leaders of Agra boycotted the Hindu festivals. The festival of Teej was not celebrated in any house of Dalit especially Jatav community. There were no swings in the settlements and only the rituals of Mehndi etc. would be paid. Then came the festival of Rakshabandhan. It was not celebrated either. Alam has been that even Rakhis were not bought from the shops nor did sisters tie Rakhi in the hands of their brothers. There was no sale in sweet shops. The effect of this boycott was seen till Diwali.

The decision of the court in the Panwari case of 22 June 1990, which came after 32 years, has left the wounds of the Dalits open. Eight people were acquitted by the court due to lack of evidence and witnesses. Senior advocate social worker Suresh Chand Soni says that in the Panwari incident, leaders of various parties had served their political breads. Mayawati becomes a big supporter of Dalits. Those who shouted in Parliament that Dalit women had been subjected to atrocities in Panwari, but when their government was formed, Choudhary Babulal, the main accused in the incident, was given a ministerial post. He said that he would go to the High Court against this decision.

Dalit leaders were attacked
The people of Jat community revolted against the march of Mundra, daughter of Chokhelal Jatav, a resident of Panwari village. The wedding was on June 21. On getting information about the protest, the Dalit leaders of Agra talked about reconciliation with the people of Jat community. Dayakishan Jarari’s brother Shyam Jarari told that in the meeting his brother Dayakishan Jarari, Labor Welfare Minister Ramjilal Suman, MLA Badan Singh, Kartar Singh Bhartiya, Subhash Bhilawali, Shri Ram Ram Bhai Sonkar, Haji Ismail Qureshi etc. had reached Panwari village. . The incident is of 22 January, when the people of Jat community came to know about it, armed with weapons, they attacked the people of Jatav community. The police also opened fire. Nine people lost their lives in this incident. The body of Shri Ram Bhai Sonkar was not even known. When Ismail Qureshi took off his clothes and told that he was a Muslim, he was released.

Dissatisfaction among dalits with the decision of the court
Snehi Kinth, who was a journalist for Navbharat Times, says that Panwari was on reporting during the incident. He said it was not a criminal incident. There was a declaration of war against the ancient system. The way common people have offered the procession of sisters and daughters. In the same way, the Jatav community was also asking to offer their wedding procession, but along with the Jats, the surrounding upper caste society had also opposed it. This was the reason that this rebellion got wind and it became the Panwari scandal. The decision given by the court. In this the Dalit society has not got justice. Senior advocate and social worker Suresh Chand Soni says that the main witnesses have betrayed the Dalit society.

The loss was caused by the boycott of the festivals.
Senior journalist Snehi Kinth and social activist Sureshchand Soni say that during the Panwari incident, the solidarity of the upper castes had created solidarity among the Dalits as well. The boycott of festivals had made a big difference to the shopkeepers of the Lalas. Similar situation happened in 1978 in Agra case.
Input- Sunil Saket


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