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After America, now the dragon is afraid of India too! China deploys ‘Guam killer’ on the border, know how dangerous this missile is

New Delhi. China is already competing to become the most powerful country in the world. Until a few years ago, this path was easy for him. Because he used to get challenged only from America. But now the challenge from India has obstructed his path. The deployment of American troops at Guam Military Base is the biggest obstacle for China to occupy Taiwan. To eliminate the same snag, China is continuously increasing the power of its rocket force.

Guam Killer inducted in 2016
Under the same, in the year 2016, China included Dang Feng in its rocket force, which was named Guam Killer, that is, it can easily hit Guam. This clearly shows how big a challenge America is for China. But now when this Guam killer has been included in a separate brigade in the WTC command, it is clear that China is now considering India as a big threat.

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Guam killer has a range of 4000 to 5000 kms
According to intelligence reports, keeping India in mind, the Chinese PLA has established a new missile brigade in the Western Theater Command. It is part of the Chinese 64 missile base. Intermediate range ballistic missile DF-26 has been deployed in this brigade. The range of this missile is 4000 to 5000 kilometers. This missile system is deployed on a 10 wheeled vehicle, which can be easily moved as per requirement.

Guam killer’s training drill also started
According to the intelligence report, recently training drill has also been started on this new missile brigade. The entire unit has been sent for testing training, 100 kilometers away from Hanzhong County, where the 64 base is headquartered. This brigade of China has been deployed in response to India’s Agni 5. Big cities of China including Beijing are in the range of Indian Agni 5. If we talk about the PLA Rocket Force, then the Chinese Rocket Force has a total of 9 bases. Number wise, 61 to 66 bases are for ballistic missile operations, 67-69 bases are for support operations.

It was also revealed in the American report that in the war of DF-26, the whole of India and half of the Indian Ocean region comes. However, India has also deployed a counterweight to this Guam killer “DF-26 missile. That is, the S-400 air defense system can destroy any Guam killer in China. The result of the Chinese’s reluctance is clearly visible from the figures that the PLA Rocket Force launched more than 250 ballistic missiles for testing and training in the year 2020, which is several times the number of ballistic missiles launched in the rest of the world. It’s too much.

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