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After Mahua Moitra Cash for Question scandal, the government made a big change, now no MP will be able to do this work

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Government made major changes after Mahua Moitra incident

New Delhi: For the past several days, Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha MP Mahua has been in the news due to cash for questions. Now after this scandal, the Central Government has made a major change in the system regarding all the MPs. In fact, Bharatiya Janata Party MP Nishikant Dubey had alleged that Mahua had shared the ID-password of his MP portal with a businessman and was also logged in from Dubai. While presenting his side in this matter, Mahua had said that the login from Dubai was done by his colleagues.

Central government made changes in the system

Now the Central Government has made changes regarding this system. Now MPs will not be able to share their ID and password with anyone. Lok Sabha Secretariat has disabled the access of MP secretaries and personal assistants to the Digital Parliament Portal and Apps. Due to this, the routine work of MPs like submission of questions to be asked in Parliament, email access and submission of TA bill can also get stuck. Now only the MP will have access to all this. However, the Secretariat has not yet issued an official notification in this regard.

Many MPs will face problems due to this change

It is being told that the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha had found Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra guilty of sharing the password of her official email with an outsider. After which this decision has been taken. Now after this decision, sharing of passwords and OTPs will not be possible on the Lok Sabha portal or its app. It is believed that this change is going to cause a lot of trouble to many MPs, because they do not know much about this process.

Earlier, ID-password could be shared with assistants and secretaries.

Let us tell you that according to the old system, MPs can give their login ID and password to their secretaries or assistants to access the account. For this, he had to give the employee’s email ID and mobile number to the Lok Sabha Secretariat. After which he could also access it. But now it will not be possible to do this. Now MPs will have to complete many tasks themselves.

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