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After meeting Sonia Gandhi, Sachin Pilot said – ‘We all have to work together’

Sachin Pilot Meets Sonia Gandhi: Sachin Pilot met Sonia Gandhi on Thursday (29 September) amidst the political turmoil in Rajasthan. Earlier in the day, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also met Sonia Gandhi. After meeting Sonia Gandhi, Sachin Pilot said that we have spoken to Sonia Gandhi. He listened to everything we had to say. We all want that we should fight the 2023 assembly elections together. We are sure that we will form the Congress government again. My first priority is Rajasthan. We all have to work together, whatever decision is taken in the matter of Rajasthan, it will be acceptable to all.

At this time, continuous meetings are going on at Sonia Gandhi’s house. Priyanka Gandhi also reached Sonia Gandhi’s residence on Thursday. The meeting of Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot with Sonia Gandhi is being considered very important. Ashok Gehlot has refused to contest the election for the post of Congress President. Also apologized to Sonia Gandhi for the uproar in Jaipur. Apart from this, the Gehlot faction is not in favor of handing over the chief minister’s post to any person from the Sachin Pilot camp. Here, Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal has said that the decision of who will be the CM in Rajasthan will be decided in a day or two.

What did Gehlot say after meeting Sonia?

Gehlot met Sonia Gandhi today after showing magic in Jaipur. After this meeting, he said that I have been a loyal soldier of Congress for the last 50 years. The incident that happened two days ago shook us all. Only I can know the pain I am in. A message has gone out across the country that I want to continue as the Chief Minister, so all this is happening.

“Unfortunately such a situation has arisen that the resolution could not be passed. Our tradition is that a one-line motion is passed. Unfortunately, such a situation arose that the resolution could not be passed. I am the chief minister and the leader of the legislature party, this resolution could not be passed. I will always be sad about this. I have apologized to Sonia Gandhi.

Sachin Pilot has not opened the cards

At present, Sachin Pilot has not opened his cards. Only speculations are being made about them. No such statement has come from him so that it can be guessed that what will be his next step? Right now he has only met Sonia Gandhi. Many meanings are being drawn from this meeting, but only time will tell on which side the camel of desert politics will sit.

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