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After sighting of UFO in Imphal, Rafale fighter aircraft went to search for them.

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Rafael went to search for UFOs after seeing them in Imphal.

Imphal: A UFO was seen near the international airport of Imphal, Manipur on Sunday afternoon. Due to this UFO, air traffic was disrupted for several hours. Now information is coming out that after the sighting of this UFO, the Air Force had dispatched two Rafale fighter planes to search for it. “Immediately after receiving the news about the UFO near Imphal airport, a Rafale fighter aircraft was sent from the nearby airbase to search for the UFO,” Air Force sources told news agency ANI.

Rafael searched for a long time

According to sources, “The aircraft equipped with sophisticated sensors flew very low over the suspected area to search for UFOs, but did not find anything there.” He also told that after the first plane returned, another Rafale fighter plane was sent, but no UFO was seen anywhere in the entire area. Along with this, sources said that agencies are trying to get more detailed information about UFOs.

A UFO was seen on Sunday afternoon

Let us tell you that an unidentified flying object (UFO) was seen at Imphal International Airport on Sunday afternoon. As soon as this unknown object was seen in the sky, airport officials swung into action and immediately stopped the flights. Officials had said that due to this, two flights were diverted and three others were delayed. After this the Air Force also became active.

Air Force had started the campaign

Imphal Airport officials had said that by 4 pm the UFO was visible with the naked eye moving towards the west of the airfield. After this he informed the Air Force about this. After which the Air Force started a campaign to find him. The Air Force had said in a tweet that the IAF activated its air defense response system based on visual input from Imphal airport. The small object was not seen after that.

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