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After winning the election of Congress President, it rained on BJP, said in gestures to PM Modi – cynical dictator

New Delhi: Mallikarjun Kharge intensified his attack against the BJP as soon as he won the election for the post of Congress President. Without taking names, he referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a cynical dictator in gestures. Kharge said in the first press conference after the victory that this country cannot be offered to the whims of a dictator. Terming the BJP as a fascist, the newly elected Congress President said that his aim is to take everyone along in the party to fight the fascist forces. Kharge on Wednesday said that no one is big or small in the party and will strengthen the organization by taking everyone along and fight the fascist forces. Kharge, in a press conference soon after being elected party president, also said that every Congress worker is equal to him. He said that the forces that threaten democracy and the Constitution have to be fought and the country cannot be surrendered to the whims of a dictator.

Kharge to take over as Congress President on October 26

Kharge said that no member is small or big and everyone has to work together as workers to make the Congress strong. “We have to fight together against the threats to democracy and the Constitution,” he said. Kharge will formally take over as party president on October 26. He said, “Today, when the Constitution and democracy are under attack, at that time Congress has set an example to strengthen democracy by conducting organization elections. I express my gratitude to all the delegates, senior leaders, workers for successfully organizing the election of Congress President.

Mallikarjun Kharge: Mallikarjun Kharge became the Congress President, but what is the answer to this powerful question of BJP?
Kharge enumerated these issues
Kharge said, “I also wish my colleague Shashi Tharoor the best as he stood as a representative in this election. The election went well. He came and met me and said that we have to work together. I thank them.’ He said, on behalf of Congress workers, I express my gratitude to Sonia ji. Sonia ji watered the Congress with her blood and sweat by making personal sacrifices. Under his leadership, the government was formed twice at the center and in many states. His tenure will always be remembered. Kharge said, “The biggest problems facing the country today are inflation, unemployment and hatred being spread. To fight against them, Rahul Gandhi has set out on ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. Today the whole country is joining his struggle. I appeal to everyone to join this journey. He told, ‘Rahul Gandhi told me over phone that I will continue to work as a Congress soldier.’

‘Kharge ji’ is in the heart of Rahul Gandhi, Congress got a symbolic non-Gandhi president or is it something else?
Told PM Modi in gestures – cynical dictator

Targeting the BJP, Kharge said that the character of those sitting in power is ‘Thota Chana, Baje Ghana’. “We believe that this country cannot be sacrificed to the whims of a dictator,” he said. We have to come together and defeat these destructive forces. Kharge said, “All the friends of the party will have to fight from Parliament to the street. Every member of the organization has to fight vigorously till the booth level. I am sure that as you have reposed your trust in me, and made a person born in a poor family the President of the Congress, I will live up to your trust.’

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