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Agra: Actress Juhi Babbar will perform in the play, said- ‘Saiyara’ will change the attitude towards women

Agra. Juhi Babbar Soni, daughter of former Agra MP Raj Babbar and actress
Soni) has reached Agra on Thursday late evening. Meanwhile, her show Saiyara will be staged at Surasadan in Agra on Friday at 7 pm, so Juhi Babbar had reached Agra a day earlier. In a special conversation with the team of News18 Local, he answered many important questions. Juhi Babbar has returned to the world of theater after a long time and she is going to do her 40th show in Agra.

Cinestar and theater artist Juhi Babbar Soni told that Saiyara is the story of every modern woman. Saiyara is the character of every woman’s life. Not only this, Saiyara tells the story of the struggle of a woman, who lives in a big city, lives her life with everyday struggle. Everyday tries something new. Saiyara’s story will make you laugh, tickle and cry a little. Saiyara will introduce you to the sweet and sour feelings of life, but you will have to come to the theater to see its real story.

Juhi Babbar will soon be seen on OTT
When Juhi Babbar was asked that when will she be seen by the audience on the OTT platform from the world of theatre? So Juhi told that soon many of her films and web series are going to be released on OTT. In the year 2023, many films will be seen on the big screen. Apart from this, she is also working in two films. All these films will be released in 2023.

Will Juhi Babbar contest from Agra?
When Juhi Babbar was asked that her father Raj Babbar (Raaj Babbar) has also been an MP from Agra many times. Will she contest elections from Agra in future? In response to this question, she said that she is returning to the world of theater and theater after a long time. In fact, many times she also came with her father in the Agra election campaign. He has seen politics closely. He has inherited politics, but has no desire to do politics at all. Right now the whole focus is on his upcoming film and theatre.

Juhi said about Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo tour
Juhi Babbar Soni praised Rahul Gandhi’s visit to India and said that if someone is working to unite India, then it is praiseworthy. Apart from Rahul Gandhi, if any other party had traveled to unite India, it would have been as much praiseworthy as Rahul is. Rahul is a good person and he has come out to unite India, so definitely he should be praised. Along with this, he said about his father’s activism in politics that when Kovid came in the country and there was a lockdown, his father Raj Babbar was in Mumbai only. In such a situation, after a long time, he has worked in many films. He is seen in many web series. Right now he is busy in acting.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : December 09, 2022, 14:26 IST

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