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Air Pollution: Kanpur’s climate deteriorates, AQI crossed 350

Report: Akhand Pratap Singh

Kanpur. The climate of Kanpur, UP is continuously deteriorating. On Tuesday (November 1), the level of pollution has reached a very dangerous condition. Today the Air Quality Index in Kanpur is 366, which is considered to be in very poor condition. In view of air pollution in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board has also woken up from Kumbhakarni sleep. In view of the serious situation, he has sent several teams to the city along with implementing the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP). These teams will take stock of the situation in different areas and submit their report. After that the next strategy will be prepared.

Every year the Air Quality Index in Kanpur reaches a bad position. This year it reached 500 in Diwali, but after that it was seeing improvement. Meanwhile, suddenly now it has started deteriorating again. Talking about the average air quality index in Kanpur today, it has been 315. While Nehru Nagar has 366, Kidwai Nagar AQI 303 has been recorded. Please tell that Kanpur’s pollution center has its office in Nehru Nagar itself.

Morning and evening are more dangerous
The Air Quality Index is increasing more in the morning and evening. The reason for this is that during this time the weather remains cold, so the fine particles of dust remain low in the atmosphere.

respiratory problems
Kanpur’s neurologist Dr Shailesh Kumar Singh said that due to poor AQI condition, the number of respiratory patients in Kanpur has also increased. Apart from this, it is also dangerous for heart and brain patients. People must use masks to protect themselves from this. He told that a large number of patients are coming every day of lung-related diseases. At the same time, during this time, he has instructed people not to go on morning walks because pollution remains at its peak in the morning.

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