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ALIGARH: Handmade jewelery is being promoted after this course, you can also make an identity

Wasim Ahmed

Aligarh. In today’s era, jewelery making is not just a family job of goldsmiths. You too can make your future in jewelry making. You can start work in the first time with little investment. Just as jewelery is no longer just a name of gold and silver. In the same way, this work is no longer only for goldsmiths. Due to the increasing demand for jewelery and competition in the market, now educated degree professionals are getting an opportunity to work in this field.

With this thinking, Kasiba Siddiqui has done a fashion designing diploma in B-voc from Aligarh Muslim University ie AMU. She has put up exhibitions of jewelery made by her own hands at the intersection of Center Point. Along with this, Kasiba has also told the purpose and importance of starting her career with handmade jewellery.

golden opportunity in handmade jewelery
Kasiba says that, now that era is going slowly when people used to buy jewelery more from the point of view of necessities i.e. investment and less than thinking of decorations i.e. makeup. Nowadays people with investment are paying special attention to the jewelery they are buying, what is its design and how it will look on wearing. If the design is good then it will add to the beauty of the wearer.

He said that due to this thinking of the people, apart from gold and silver, artificial and costume jewelery is also in great demand in the market. However, the same type of training is given to those who prepare the jewelery whether it is gold or silver or artificial or costume. Due to the changing trends of today and getting better career opportunities in this field, youth are turning towards it.

Know why the demand for handmade jewelery increased
Talking to News18 Local, Kasiba also shared information about certain types of handmade jewellery. Kasiba says that she started making handmade jewelery about a year ago, and till now she has made different types of jewellery. A lot of variety has come in the market at this time in jewellery. The jewelery worn in the daily routine, there is a separate jewelery for weddings and other special functions. So at the same time, working women also mostly like to wear light jewellery. Due to this the demand for handmade jewelery has increased. It is being liked a lot.

Let us tell you what is available to the customers in the market in handmade jewelery

embroidery jewelery
Embroidery jewelery is worn in marriage functions. It is made from embroidery done on clothes. Its specialty is that it looks heavy, but is very light to wear. That’s why it is being liked a lot.

Handmade Fancy Jewelery
Handmade fancy jewelery is made of colorful beads. This jewelery is made by threading beads in a thread. It is available in all colors and looks exactly like the jewelery available in the market.

wooden jewelery
Wooden jewelery is quite common in the market these days. These are especially good for office going girls. It is light to wear and the look is also very classy. Wooden ear rings, bangles and necklaces are available in the market at affordable prices. Apart from this, this jewelery is easily available online as well.

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