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All Congress MLAs of Uttarakhand will give one month salary to rat miners

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Congress MLA will give one month salary to rat miners

Dehradun: All 41 workers were rescued safely from the crashed tunnel of Uttarkashi. Rat miners had a big role in making this campaign successful. When all the machines failed, these people dug with their hands and carried the rescue pipe to the workers. After this campaign, these rat miners are being praised everywhere. At the same time, Uttarakhand Congress has also taken a big decision for them. Now Uttarakhand Congress has taken a big decision. All MLAs will give their one month salary to rat hole miners.

Let us tell you that these rat miners were called from Delhi. His team of 12 people completed the rescue operation that had been going on for 16 days. The machines kept breaking, but their courage remained intact. When the rat miners reached the workers after cutting through the debris and iron barriers scattered in the tunnel, their hopes seemed to be relieved. When the rat miners entered the escape tunnel, there was a wave of joy among the workers after seeing them.

All rat miners had reached Silkyara on 26th November.

The team leader of Rat Miners, Rockwell, had prepared the team at 11 pm. Team leader Vakil Hasan worked hard. Rat Miners team members Nasir and Monu said that they had received a call from lawyer Hasan at 11 pm on November 25. All the 12 members including lawyer Hasan left Delhi in the night itself and reached Silkyara in the afternoon of 26th November. Team leader lawyer Hasan said that everyone feels that they will get a lot of money in this rescue operation. But, even if you don’t get the money, there is no problem. Happy that he has played a role in saving 41 workers.

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