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All three criminal bills passed by Rajya Sabha, Shah said – era of date will go

Amit Shah

All three criminal bills, Indian Justice Code, Indian Justice Security Code and Indian Evidence Bill have been passed in the Rajya Sabha today. These three bills were passed by the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. Now these will be sent to the President for approval. After the signature of the President, these three bills will become law. At the same time, as soon as the bill was passed, the Rajya Sabha was adjourned indefinitely.

Let us tell you that in the new bill, there is a provision for strict punishment in many cases like rape, treason etc. At the same time, now the new bill also talks about taking action against those who establish relationships by making false promises.

‘The aim is to provide justice in every case within 3 years’

Responding to the discussion on the bills in the Rajya Sabha, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “Those who ask outside the House, what will happen with this law? I want to tell them that these laws have been brought keeping in mind the value of work. After its implementation, the era of date will no longer exist. The aim is to provide justice in any case within 3 years. Those who say that there is a need for new laws, do not know the meaning of Swaraj, it does not mean self rule. This means taking forward one’s own religion, language and culture. Gandhiji did not fight for regime change, he fought for Swaraj. You sat in power for 60 years out of 75 years, but did not do the work of imposing yourself. Modi ji did this work.

Provision for strict punishment in sexual crimes

According to the new bill, sexual intercourse under false promises or by concealing identity will now be considered a crime. Such people will get severe punishment. Apart from this, now the punishment for gang rape will be up to 20 years and for raping a minor, the punishment will be death or life imprisonment.

Hanging on mob lynching, terrorism also explained

Home Minister Amit Shah said that mob lynching is a disgusting crime and in this law we are making a provision for death penalty for the crime of mob lynching. He asked the opposition that you have also ruled the country for years, why did you not make a law against mob lynching? Amit Shah said that terrorism was not defined in any law till now. For the first time, now the Modi government is going to explain terrorism so that no one can take advantage of its shortcomings.

Punishment for hit and run, treason instead of treason

The British black laws like treason have been abolished. Sedition law has been brought in its place. Speaking against the country would be a crime. There will be jail for armed rebellion. Under the new law, the accused in a hit and run case will be sentenced to 10 years. At the same time, if the person causing the accident takes the injured person to the hospital, his punishment will be reduced.

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