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Amethi: You will not have to go to the police station for FIR, this app will do all the work related to the police

Aditya Krishna

Amethi, The government is making people aware of new and modern information under Digital India. A part of this is the UP COP app of the UP Police. Whether senior citizens or women, you can now file an e-FIR of any incident / incident or accident that happened to you by sitting at home. You don’t have to go to the police station for this. Through the UP COP app, you can get all the work done without paper and without going to the police station. Amethi Superintendent of Police Elamaran ji is spreading awareness among people about the use of this app so that more and more people use this app and seek the help of the police. This will also reduce the crowd gathering in the police station.

Features of these functions will be available on the app
In the UP COP app, whether it is a common crime or a serious crime, theft, robbery, verification of character certificate at just one click as well as taking permission of the program for any event or sponsorship. Apart from this, along with taking emergency help, the solution of 27 types of problems will also be found sitting at home. Instead of going to the police station, you will also get a copy of the registered FIR on your registered e-mail.

Time will be saved will help in crime control
SP Elamaran ji told that the UP COP app will not only save the time of the people but it will also help in crime control. The details of criminals as well as FIRs lodged by people on this app will be reviewed daily. This app will prove to be a milestone in policing by coordinating with the police department and the general public.

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