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Amit Shah targeted the opposition on Dheeraj Sahu case, Nitish Kumar said this

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Amit Shah targets opposition on Dheeraj Sahu’s case

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today chaired the 26th meeting of the Eastern Zonal Council in Patna, Bihar. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and senior ministers of Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand attended this meeting. The meeting was also attended by Secretaries of the Inter-State Council Secretariat, Chief Secretaries of Member States, senior officials of State Governments and Central Ministries and Departments. On this Amit Shah said that more than Rs 200 crore cash was recovered in the raid at the house of Congress MP Dheeraj Sahu, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “I am very surprised, after independence, such a huge amount of cash has not been found in the house of any MP. Crores of rupees have been recovered but the entire INDI alliance is silent on this corruption.

Amit Shah targets opposition on raids

He said, ‘Congress’s silence is understandable because their nature is corruption, but TMC, JDU, RJD, DMK and SP are also silent. Now I understand why the campaign was launched against PM Modi that the agencies are being misused. This was done because there was a fear in his mind that all the secrets of his corruption would be revealed. Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “The decision of caste survey was taken only when BJP was a partner in the Bihar government. The report that came after the survey and the law that came has also been supported by BJP. But some questions were raised in the survey. The question of injustice to small and backward castes by giving more importance to Muslims and particular castes is being raised again and again. I urge that all the questions should be resolved immediately.” The Union Home Minister said that when his party was in power in Bihar, he had supported the caste-based survey. The Central Government never had any intention to create obstacles in the caste based survey.

CM Nitish again demands ‘special state’

In this meeting, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that we wanted the central government to conduct census on the basis of caste. We were striving for this from the beginning. For this, in the years 2019 and 2020, the proposal for caste-based census was unanimously passed in the Bihar Legislature and sent to the Central Government. Then we met the Prime Minister with representatives of all parties, no consideration was given to this from the Central Government. Nitish Kumar said that we have been demanding ‘special state’ status for Bihar since 2010. Bihar is a very historical state, despite continuous development, Bihar is far below the national average in development parameters. Bihar fulfills all the conditions for special status. We hope that you will definitely think about giving ‘special state’ status to Bihar.

Nitish Kumar said this on the issue of reservation

While addressing this meeting, CM Nitish Kumar said that the reservation limit in the state has been increased from 50% to 65%. A law has been passed for this. 10 percent reservation is already available for economically weaker sections of the general category. Overall, the total number of reservations has reached 75 percent. Our government has accepted the new reservation law of the Central Government in the Constitution.

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