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Amritpal Singh’s connection with Pakistani drugs and arms mafia, intelligence agencies prepare report

New Delhi. Punjab police and central intelligence agencies are looking for Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh. He is accused of having links with the Pakistani drugs mafia and illegal arms lobby. He got weapons from Pakistan and collected them and distributed them among his supporters. In this regard, intelligence agencies have tried to link all the sources and evidences together. On the condition of anonymity, officials say that all the reasons for Amritpal Singh being a Khalistani separatist and a follower of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale will come to the fore. Actually he is a wanted criminal in the illegal business of drugs and arms supply.

The intelligence officer said that Amritpal has a long list of illegal activities. He even ordered weapons from Pakistan to try to divide Punjab on communal lines. Sources said that there are many allegations against Amritpal and when his supporters waved weapons and challenged the law and order, then this conspiracy was completely exposed. He was running de-addiction centers illegally and all conspiracies were being hatched there. The officer told NDTV that Amritpal Singh’s followers call him “Bhindranwale 2.0” and Amritpal himself has been involved in anti-national rhetoric and activities. In such a situation, NSA has been imposed against Amritpal Singh on March 18 this month. Despite this, instead of surrendering before the police, he has absconded. Some of his associates are now making various revelations in the police interrogation.

Weapons imported from Pakistan and distributed among people
According to the report, Amritpal procured weapons from Pakistan through the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and distributed them among his people. He had also stored weapons in Jallupur Kheda near Amritsar. He is also accused of keeping illegal and unlicensed weapons and carrying them with him. He is accused of openly displaying weapons, guns and disobeying government orders. Amritpal Singh is alleged to have a convoy of expensive vehicles, while neither he nor his organization Waris Punjab De has given any account of their wealth. He shows that he has accumulated money through programs, but the reality is something else.

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