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An angry man tried to crush the female traffic cop

Mumbai News: One, he parked his scooter in a no-parking zone and on refusing, the angry youth tried to crush the women traffic police. After this incident, both the youth and his wife have been arrested. The incident happened on Monday afternoon, when the couple appeared at the police post at Patankar Park in Nalasopara area of ​​Mumbai. Both had parked their scooty in the no parking zone. On refusing the woman traffic police started abusing her indecently.

When the female policeman asked to take the scooty to the police station, the youth Brajesh Kumar Bhelouria and his wife Dolly Kumari Singh started abusing the policeman Pragya Shivram Dalvi. After this, Bhaloria tried to forcefully take the scooty, but the policeman stopped him at the gate. Both did not stop due to the stopping of the female traffic police and the young man started running away from the scooty and during this time tried to crush the policeman Pragya Shivram Dalvi.

Video of this incident is going viral

When his wife saw this, she also started shouting “Slow down – slow down.” Bhelouria dragged the policeman on the road for some distance by scooty, in which the policeman has suffered a lot of injuries. On seeing this, other policemen came running and saved the woman traffic policeman. The youth and his wife have been arrested by the police. During his arrest, Bheloria, a lawyer by profession, alleged that the policeman was “targeting” him for the past several months.

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