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Analysis: Politically divided into 06 parts, it is not easy to say anything this time in Karnataka


In the last assembly elections, BJP got big victory in three areas, they are – Mumbai Karnataka, Coastal and Central Karnataka.
Janata Dal Secular won in South Karnataka i.e. Mysore Karnataka, there BJP was at number three.
In the remaining three areas i.e. Hyderabad Karnataka and Bengaluru area, however BJP will have to bear the anger of being in power.

Now the sound of assembly elections is about to ring in Karnataka. In the first of April, the Election Commission of India can announce the elections there. The term of the state assembly is ending on May 24. That’s why the politics of the state is hot. Political parties are ready. The political flavor in the atmosphere can be known from the fact that these days something or the other political is happening in 06 different geographical parts of Karnataka. Geographically, the political picture there has been read through these 06 areas only. This election is also no different from that. What was the mood of these areas in the last elections and what is it now. Let’s know.

The 06 geographical regions of Karnataka, on the basis of which it is divided, are Coastal Karnataka ie Coastal Karnataka, Mumbai Karnataka, Bengaluru, Hyderabad Karnataka, Central Karnataka and Southern Karnataka. The mood of all these 06 areas is different. Their issues are different. For example, the area of ​​Mumbai-Karnataka is hot these days due to the Belagavi border dispute.

coastal area
BJP has a strong hold in the coastal areas of Karnataka. However, in the 2013 elections, the Congress had performed well here. Congress then won 13 seats out of 21 here and BJP only 05. But in the 2018 assembly elections, BJP proved that it is the boss here. Then BJP got a landslide victory on 18 seats, while Congress got only 03 seats. However, these days again local issues dominate again. Since the BJP is in power, it may have to face the displeasure of the people here. It is believed that the Congress will definitely get an advantage here as compared to the previous elections.

Old Mysore Region
Here the influence of all the three parties i.e. Congress, BJP and JDS is equal. This area is also known as Southern Karnataka area. In this comes the Coorg region along with the Mysore region, which borders Kerala.

This is a very beautiful area of ​​Karnataka. It is also called the Coffee Heartland. Spices are grown here in abundance. Politically, as calm as it looks from above, it is equally aware from inside. However, the pride and feeling of Karnataka’s regional identity is also high here. This is such an area, which has always been developed and better.

Last time when political pundits were assuming that BJP would get benefit here, the opposite happened. There are 15 districts in southern Karnataka and 51 assembly seats, in which the Vokkaling tribe is dominant, then the people of Kodagu tribes live in the Coorg region, although these tribes are among the most prosperous and developed castes in the country, these people are educated and especially are prosperous. Usually owned by coffee estates. Many go to the army.

This time, politically all the three main parties seem to be equal here, but five years ago, JDS had won 25 out of 51 seats. It won most of its seats from this area. Congress was second with 16 seats, while BJP got 09 seats.

All parties are trying to woo the Vokkaling and Kodagu tribes. However, being the ruling party here too, the anti-incumbency factor against BJP will also definitely be an aspect.

Bengaluru Region
BJP has always been doing better in Bengaluru region but last time it did not get expected results. There are some 36 assembly seats in this area. In which the Congress won the maximum number of 16 seats in the 2018 assembly elections. BJP was second with 11 seats. The image of BJP in Karnataka has been that of an urban party. Bangalore has always been favorable for him but the results last time shocked him. Bengaluru has its own problems, in which there has been no improvement, rather the situation has only worsened. The city becoming more dense has also become problematic.

The way the situation of water logging has been created there and people have been expecting work on water drainage and city planning, it is still needed. Since it is also a cosmopolitan city, where there is a large number of educated middle class people who have come from different states and settled here. Therefore, it has been believed that BJP will get its benefit. But after the last elections BJP cannot make this claim. Congress also has a traditional vote bank here, Congress cannot be underestimated due to minorities. Rather, it can be said that this time too, if he keeps his position strong in this area then there should be no surprise.

Bangalore city

Mumbai-Karnataka region
This area is dominated by the Lingayat community, which has been leaning towards the BJP. BJP’s Karnataka state unit chief BS Yeddyurappa also comes from this community. This is a very strong fort of BJP. It has also proved in the last elections that this area is full of BJP wave.

In this area of ​​50 assembly seats, BJP had won 30 while Congress got 17 seats. JDS got 02 seats. The Congress, while in power from 2013 to 2018, had sent a proposal to the central government to give separate religion status to Lingayats, but nothing happened on it. There is definitely unhappiness among the Lingayats, but the BJP has constantly tried to please the Lingayats. Even in these elections, BJP is definitely expecting a lot from this area, but the people of this border area are unhappy that the ruling Bommai government has kept the Belagavi border dispute pending. No concrete steps have been taken to solve it.

Hyderabad-Karnataka region
Reddy Brothers have influence in this area along with Lingayats. Those who are traditionally supporters of BJP. When the elections were held five years ago, it seemed that the BJP would have no difficulty here, but the results were shocking.

There are 31 assembly seats in this area. In the last elections in this area touching Andhra and Telangana, the Congress had won 15 seats while the BJP had won 12. 04 seats went to JDS account. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge is from this area. Belongs to backward class. He also has his own influence in this area. His becoming the Congress President has also affected the area. The Congress has released its first list of 124 seats, in which most of the seats are from this region. In this, he has fielded Kharge’s son as well. This area is full of hopes for the Congress this time also.

Central Karnataka
In the last assembly elections, after Mumbai Karnataka and coastal areas, the place where BJP performed better was Central Karnataka. There are 35 assembly seats here, out of which 24 were in BJP’s court, while Congress won 11 seats. Both BJP and Congress are expecting a good performance from here. In the 2013 elections, the performance of BJP in this area was very bad, then it could get only two seats here. It should be said that this area changes its mood every 05 years. If the ruling party does not live up to its expectations, it also teaches it a lesson immediately.

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