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Apple cheaper than vegetable in Bharatpur! People buying hand in hand from mandis to markets

Lalitesh Kushwaha

Bharatpur. People who shun apples are fiercely buying this fruit because of its cheapness. The sale of apples reaching Bharatpur in Rajasthan from Kashmir is happening hand in hand. In normal days, Bala Sev, which is sold at a price of Rs 100 a kg, is being available here for Rs 50-60 these days. On the one hand, where peas and beans are being found in vegetables at a price of more than Rs 100, no one had thought that apples would become so cheap. Due to the low price, apples are being sold a lot from the mandis to the market.

Wholesaler Naseem Khan told that these days apples are coming from Kashmir in Bharatpur. This is the main source of income of the farmers of Kashmir. Apart from good apple crop this year, it is cheaper due to double yield. Apple is available in bulk at Rs 35 to 45 per kg, while its retail price is Rs 50 to 60 per kg. Same, another trader Bhushan Lamba told that this time the apple is cheaper because the yield of apple is more than in other years. Instead of other fruits, apples are visible on most carts in Bharatpur city. At this time, people are liking apples more because they are cheaper.

Here many vegetables are costlier than apples

At the same time, vegetable trader Deepak said that some vegetables are available at a higher price than apples. The cost of green peas is Rs 120 kg, beans Rs 100 kg, carrot Rs 80 kg, ginger Rs 80 kg, ridge gourd Rs 80 kg etc. vegetables. If there is a gradual change in the weather, then the price of these vegetables will also fall.

Let us tell you that apple is beneficial for health. There is a saying about this ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’… It means that by eating an apple daily, you will stay away from the doctor. That is, you can stay away from many types of diseases.

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