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Are there really 17 times more corona cases in India than the official figures? Claim made in BHU’s study

New Delhi: Corona virus caused a lot of havoc in the world including India. Recently, a shocking study has come out regarding Kovid, according to which the actual number of people infected with Corona virus in India is about 17 times more than the official figures. This study has been done by Banaras Hindu University (BHU). According to government data, about 4.5 crore people have been infected by Kovid-19 in India so far. However, a study published in the ‘International Journal of Infectious Diseases’ (IJID) has estimated that the number of people suffering from corona virus in the country could be between 58 to 98 crores.

17 times more actual cases than official figures
According to a statement issued by BHU, the study has revealed that the actual number of coronavirus cases in India is at least 17 times higher than the official figures. Professor of Genetics Science Gyaneshwar Choubey said that a large number of people were infected but did not show symptoms, which is many times more than the actual official figures and this is what has been revealed in this study. Choubey, who led the study, said asymptomatic cases were more in the younger population. He told that 88 scientists from 34 institutes of the country were involved in this study. The team conducted a ‘sero survey’ (anti-body test) of 2301 people living in urban areas of 14 districts in six states during September to December 2020.
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No symptoms of corona in a large part of the population
The research team says that the most surprising aspect of this study is that a large part of India’s population was asymptomatic and most of the cases in the 26-35 age group were asymptomatic. He told that after any wave of corona virus, the actual cases of infection are accurately assessed by ‘antibody’ test of people.
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Research done on people of urban areas of 14 districts across the country
The team researched people living in urban areas of 14 districts of India, who were at high risk of getting corona virus infection, such as street vendors. BHU’s Prajwal Pratap Singh of the study team said that to find out the number of infected people in a certain geographical area, a new approach was adopted and samples of only those people were taken, who said that neither they nor they had any symptoms of Kovid. Came, nor were they found infected in the RTPCR investigation.
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Antibodies were found in the body of the least number of people (only two percent) in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh, while antibodies were found in the body of most people (47 percent) in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. The researchers also pointed out that the number of cases reported by the government was much lower than the actual number.

According to the data of the Union Health Ministry, after the arrival of 96 new cases of corona virus infection in India in a day, the number of people infected so far in the country has increased to 4,46,83,639. At the same time, the number of patients under treatment has increased to 1,785.

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