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Army will now get electricity for 24 hours on LAC, green hydrogen micro power grid will be built in East Ladakh

New Delhi. The Government of India is working on a war footing to increase the strength and convenience of the army on the northern border with China. This includes roads, bridges, new advanced weapons, better facilities for living. Not only this, now a plan has been made to provide 24 hours clean green energy electricity to the Indian Army soldiers posted at the forward location of LAC. Under this, the government is going to set up a green hydrogen power micro grid in eastern Ladakh. For this, an MOU was signed between NTPC RE i.e. National Thermal Power Copper Renewable Energy and the Army.

According to this MOU, the Indian Army will provide land to NTPC on a 25-year lease to set up such a grid. Will buy the electricity generated from this grid. These grids will be of NTPC and their construction, operation will also be with NTPC only.

Electricity will be available even at night

Solar energy in this whole system not only during the day Electricity Along with giving electricity at night, hydrogen and oxygen will be separated from water with the help of electrolyzer from solar energy, which will be collected in hydrogen cylinder and will charge the fuel cell through it with the same hydrogen which will be used at night. Will also provide the same amount of electricity as it is during the day.

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Whichever area is not connected to the national or state power grid, solar and hydrogen power will be supplied through the grid. Till now, electricity is provided through solar and generators during the day and at night electricity is supplied entirely through generators only, due to which green house gas also causes a lot of damage to the environment. After the success of this pilot project, its number on the northern border will be increased in future.

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