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Ashok Gehlot government gave 2 big blows to teachers, returned transfer policy draft and gave notice to 800 principals – News18 Hindi


Personnel department returned draft of transfer policy
Notice given to 800 principals due to minimum results
Questions raised on teachers’ organization and government’s intention fueled by the decisions

Jaipur. In Rajasthan, teachers have received big blows in two different cases. The Rajasthan government has returned the draft of transfer policy of third grade teachers. At the same time, show cause notices have been issued to more than 800 principals of Rajasthan regarding the exam results. In both these cases anger has spread among the teachers. Class III teachers in the state have been longing for transfers for a long time. He was hopeful that a policy regarding transfers would be made soon and teachers sitting in far-flung villages would be able to come to their home or near home. But the government has dashed their dreams.

According to the information, the Personnel Department has sent back the draft of the transfer policy to the Education Department along with the note. The education department has been suggested to study the policy of other states to prepare the policy. With the draft of the transfer policy returning empty handed, the aspirations of the teachers have been dashed. Teachers’ organizations have expressed strong displeasure over the return of the draft. Teachers’ organizations have raised questions on the government’s intention regarding transfers.

Notice issued due to minimum result
Even before the teacher could recover from this shock, another big news came for him. The government has issued show cause notices to more than 800 principals of the state. These notices have been issued due to minimum results. These notices to the principals have been issued by the Directorate of Secondary Education. The principal is also angry about this matter. They say that if there are no teachers in the schools then from where will you get good results.

Education system in Rajasthan falters due to shortage of teachers
It is worth mentioning that the education system in Rajasthan is shaky due to the shortage of teachers. Thousands of posts of teachers are lying vacant in schools. On the other hand, the teachers who are engaged in schools are fighting for the tussle of transfers. Due to this, there is a situation of lockout in schools in rural areas. Locking the rural schools, they are protesting for the demand of teachers. Despite all the efforts of the government, the educational structure is not able to come back on track.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 16, 2022, 17:32 IST



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