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Attention Deaths due to Corona started again, new variant of Covid-19 emerged

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New Delhi: After wreaking havoc in the years 2020 and 2021, Corona is back once again. Deaths have started happening again due to Covid. Once again the time has come to be cautious regarding Corona virus infection. Before the arrival of the new year, a new subvariant of Covid-19 has again emerged. Its first case in India has come to light in Kerala. Along with this, news of the death of a patient suffering from Corona is coming to light.

Health Ministry alerted

As soon as the new version of Corona has emerged, the Union Health Ministry has once again become cautious. The ministry has alerted the state health officials and institutions. Along with this, the ministry has also given instructions to conduct mock drill of health facilities. So that if this variant spreads, it can be dealt with. According to the instructions issued by the Union Health Ministry, two cases of the new subvariant JN.1 have been reported in Kerala. One patient has also died due to this.

Neighboring state Karnataka also alerted

Karnataka state government has also become alert after Corona cases surfaced in Kerala. In this regard, State Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao has also held an emergency meeting. In this he has asked the officers to be prepared to deal with all situations. Along with this, he has ordered the storage of all other essential items including masks, oxygen cylinders, medicines. So that there is no shortage of them in worsening circumstances. Along with this, he has made it clear that the border with Kerala will not be closed yet. The Health Minister has appealed to the people that there is no need to be afraid of this right now, but everyone needs to be extremely careful.

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