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Auto-rickshaw and taxi fare will increase in Mumbai from today, know what are the new rates

Mumbai Auto Rickshaw and Taxi Fare Will Hike: From today, taxi fare will increase by Rs 3 and autorickshaw fare by Rs 2 in Mumbai. That is, people of Mumbai and metropolitan areas will now have to pay a minimum fare of Rs 28 for traveling by black-yellow taxi and Rs 23 for traveling by autorickshaw. The new fare will be applicable from today.

Let us tell you that the demand for increasing the fare of auto and taxi was going on for a long time, but the government was not paying attention to it.

This change in fare happened

According to the new charge, the minimum fare for a black-yellow taxi for one and a half kilometer distance will now be Rs 28 instead of Rs 25, while the fare of autorickshaw for the same distance will now be Rs 23 instead of Rs 21. Passengers will have to pay a fare of Rs 18.66 per kilometer instead of Rs 16.93 for traveling by black-yellow taxis for a minimum distance of more than one and a half kilometres.

For traveling by autorickshaw, the fare will be Rs 15.33 per kilometer instead of Rs 14.20. In the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, 60 thousand taxis and about 4.6 lakh autorickshaws were till now charging the fare as per the fixed rate on March 1, 2021.

Got time till 30th November

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA) said that the new rate will be applicable on petrol and CNG operated taxis. It was also said that on March 1, 2021, the price of CNG gas was Rs 49 per kg, which is now Rs 8011 per kg. Apart from this, other expenses including inflation and living expenses have also increased.

The fare for the blue-silver ‘cool’ cab taxi has been increased from Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kilometer for the minimum distance and will be charged at Rs 26.71 per kilometer thereafter. The MMRTA has given time till November 30 to re-adjust the fare meter to the new rate.

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