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Ayodhya: This devotee of Lord Rama has been doing parikrama for many years, will be surprised to see the reverence

Sarvesh Srivastava

Ayodhya. You must have heard about Kag Bhusandi, an infinite devotee of Lord Rama. It is mentioned in many places in Ramayana. You must have known and heard about all such Ram devotees. But there is such a devotee of Shri Ram in Ramnagari, knowing that you too will become his admirer. There is a cowshed near the Rang Mahal temple of Bhawanpur village in Gorakhpur district, about 220 km from Ayodhya, the birthplace of Shri Ram. A cow was born here about 20 years ago. This Saryu cow came to the Rang Mahal temple near the birthplace of Lord Rama and got absorbed in the devotion of God with her will power.

Invitation was given in Bhoomi Pujan
Surprisingly, it is a daily task for the Sarayu cow to circumambulate the courtyard of Lord Rama 108 times a day, bowing at his feet. For the last 20 years, Saryu has been continuously doing circumambulation with the wish of building the temple of Lord Rama. Not only this, the cow has circumambulated the Ram temple in a special way on special occasions. After the completion of the parikrama, with her head towards Ramlala, she stands in such a way as if she is bowing to her beloved Lord Rama.

This is the reason why Saryu cow was invited with all respect in the Bhoomi Pujan for the construction of the temple and worshiped by taking it in the company of Ramlala.

Saryu had pledged
Talking to News18 Local, Mahant Ramsharan Das of Rang Mahal temple says that the history of Saryu cow is very important. The cow has been revered for the Hindu society. It was the resolve of Saryu cow that a grand temple of our Ramlala should be built. When the order for the construction of a grand temple came from the Supreme Court, this land went there for worship, and it seemed as if she realized that today the resolution has been fulfilled.

Ramsharan Das tells that the devotees coming from the country and abroad visit and worship the Sarayu cow. Someone presses the foot, someone caresses it. Some are feeding jaggery, some are feeding fruits. The glory of Saryu cow is infinite.

He tells that even though the resolution of Saryu cow has been fulfilled. But she still circumambulates today. However, the rules of circumambulation have definitely changed. They circumambulate according to their happiness.

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