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Ayodhya: Why do 5 priests do the temple decoration together? Know the specialty of Raj Gopal Temple

Report – Sarvesh Srivastava

Ayodhya. These days Jhulan festival is celebrated in Ram city Ayodhya. Devotees from far and wide are reaching Ayodhya to enjoy the Jhulan festival. Jhulan festival is being organized in about 8 thousand monasteries and temples of Ayodhya. There are many such mutt temples in Ayodhya. Where its different tradition goes. Today we are going to talk about a similar temple where the tradition is different.

We are talking about the Raj Gopal temple, located about 1 kilometer from the Naya Ghat intersection, where a special tradition of Jhulan festival is going on in the temple which is about 160 years old. Lord Rama, Mata Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman are sitting together on a two and a half quintal goldless swing and are giving wonderful darshan to the devotees.

5 priests together do God’s makeup
Sarveshwar Das, the administrator of Raj Gopal Temple, tells that the five priests of the temple do the work of making the Lord sit on Jhulan. Lord sits on Jhulan at 5:00 in the morning and from 11:00 to 12:00, Lord rides on Jhulan and gives supernatural darshan to the devotees.

‘Siyaram’ is sitting on a two and a half quintal goldless swing
Sarveshwar Das, the administrator of the temple, says that in the year 1927, about two and a half quintals of goldless swing was installed in this temple by former Acharya Shri Ramdas Maharaj. Since then Lord Shri Ram, Lakshmana and Mahabali Hanuman are seated with Mother Sita.

Know where is ‘Raj Gopal Mandir’ located
Raj Gopal temple is situated on Hanumangarhi road, about 1 kilometer away from the new ghat intersection.

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