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B.Tech Chaiwala: Junior Engineer said bye to the job, then started selling tea, know the reason

Report : Abhinav Kumar

Darbhanga. These days a new trend of opening roadside tea, pakoras and fast food shops with big degrees has started. In such a situation, people refer to not getting a job after their studies, but on the other hand, Anurag of Darbhanga has left a good salary and opened a tea shop for his bright future. While his father Dharmanarayan Sahu is a doctor, who is working as a DMS in Madhubani.

Civil engineer Anurag Ranjan says that only by doing a job we can fulfill our needs, but if we want to become a big man, then we have to do some big business. Moving towards the same big business, we have started with small business. Anurag was working as a junior engineer in Shiv Shakti Private Limited in Chandigarh and was getting a decent salary.

Students talk about studies with tea
The student who came to drink tea at BTech tea shop told that this tea shop is very beneficial for us. The best tea is available at low prices and with him (Anurag) tea also talks about studies.

Tea is given in a special cup
Anurag says that we have 25 types of tea, out of which there is a special tea. This tea is given to the customers in a special cup, which can be eaten after drinking tea. Such cups are ordered from Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata.

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