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Balaghat: Efforts to awaken education in Naxal-affected area, school bags and books distributed to children

Chittaranjan Nerkar

Balaghat. In the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh, all tribal families live in forests. Due to being settled at the extreme ends, tribal children remain uneducated by being deprived of education. In such a situation, they get away from the mainstream and walk on the wrong path. The team of Tathagata Foundation has been trying to keep him in the mainstream for the last 12 years. She constantly goes among the tribals and provides them with the things they need. The Foundation’s team has distributed school bags, books, copies and slates to the school children here.

The team of Tathagata Foundation along with the Commandant of CRP 148 Battalion, Surendra Kumar, reached the most sensitive areas and distributed school bags, books, copies, slates to the school children there. This is a great effort to inculcate the spirit of education in the children. The members of the team believe that in this way tribal children will be awakened towards education and they will study diligently.

Trying to keep away from wandering by being deceived

It is often seen that due to illiteracy, tribal children get misled by the Naxalites and go on the wrong path. For tribal children not to follow the path of Naxalism, they need education. All kinds of efforts are made by the government, but they prove to be insufficient. If we talk about schools in tribal areas, then there is no such area where there is no school or Anganwadi. Teachers also go here, but due to not getting enough copy-books for studies, tribal children are not able to read that much.

Tribal children shuddered when they got their studies
Foundation and CRP personnel distributed copies, books, drawing books, slates to more than one hundred school children in three villages – Dhamangaon, Tendudih and Mathari in the Naxal area of ​​Balaghat. When tribal children got copies and new bags, their happiness was made on sight. He said that we are feeling very happy to get new bags and copies. Now we will study hard and come to school everyday.

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