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Barmer: 2,000 plants of Hindu religion growing in the cemetery, the hard work of the elderly Khadim paid off

Manmohan Seju

Barmer. Apart from the graves, the cemetery located in Barmer, the border district of Rajasthan, is also recognized due to the trees and plants planted here. This cemetery was in the lap of acacia bushes before the year 2009. Plantation was initiated here on the initiative of Sadar Ashraf Ali Khilji of the Muslim Intrageniya Committee at that time. Due to the hard work of Khadim Kasam Shah, who has been working in this cemetery since the year 1980, thousands of medicinal and fruit plants are flourishing here.

Peepal, Tulsi, Rudraksh and Bel Patra have been revered for the Hindu religion for many years. If hundreds of plants with Hindu religious beliefs are seen in the cemeteries of Muslims, then surely everyone will be shocked. This journey started in the year 2009 with 400 medicinal plants in Barmer’s graveyard, today it has grown to more than 2,000 plants.

Information about medicinal properties
The special thing is that for years worshiped plants for Hindu religion like Peepal, Tulsi, Rudraksh and Bel Patra have been planted in the cemetery. Khadim Kasam Shah says that in the year 2009, the work of planting 400 medicinal plants started here. Today 2,000 plants are blooming here. He has taken care of these plants like his own children. They tell the people who come here about their medicinal properties.

Purpose to tell the religious importance of trees and plants
71-year-old Qasim Shah has been serving this graveyard for the last 43 years. Here white Aak, Peepal, Vat, Tulsi, Shami, Amla, Banyan, Bell, Neem trees and plants are seen blooming.

Local citizen Abrar Mohammad says that many plants and trees are considered very auspicious in Hindu culture. People not only worship them, but these trees are also used to remove negative energy from the house. Many trees have been called divine trees in different texts and Puranas. This is the reason that even in modern times people worship trees. Behind planting these trees and plants in our cemetery, people have to tell their religious importance. Along with this, information about their medicinal properties is also to be provided. This is the reason that this caravan, which started with 400 plants, has reached more than 2,000 tree plants.

revolution of all religions
There is no such corner in this cemetery located in the heart of Barmer city where there is no sheet of greenery. Thousands of plants swaying near the place where the soil of compassion is poured on the funeral pyre are seen raising the revolution of all religions.

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