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Basti: In the blink of an eye, this gang loots lakhs of cash, bank ATMs are on target

Krishna Gopal Dwivedi

colony. In Uttar Pradesh’s Basti district, such a gang has been exposed, which in the blink of an eye makes cash worth lakhs fly away. Not only this, the members of this gang are given proper training and the specialists of each work are trained in their sector so that no mistake can be made by them. The Mewati gang of Haryana has been caught by the police.

According to the police, the people of this gang blow away the entire cash from the ATM machine in the blink of an eye. Neither the bank nor the police get to know about it. Vicious members of the Mewati gang together execute this incident. After entering the ATM, one member of the gang sprays the CCTV camera installed there, the other is expert in cutting the cable of the ATM machine so that the security alarm does not ring, and the third is expert in gas cutter. It cuts the ATM machine with a gas cutter in such a way that the cash kept inside it remains safe.

Basti Superintendent of Police (SP) Ashish Srivastava told that five vicious criminals run together in the Mewati gang, out of which three are trends and two are under-training. All these are included in any incident. They learn the method of crime by watching the time during the incident and then they also commit the incident.

Wires of this gang are spread all over the country

Let us tell you that the net of the infamous Mewati gang of Haryana is spread all over the country. This gang has defrauded the banks of billions of rupees by committing many such crimes. Police of different states are constantly trying to control this gang.

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