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Be alert if you apply beauty cream! There is a danger of kidney failure, the desire for fairness will be expensive


Glomerulonephritis is a disease in which the tiny filters of the kidney are damaged.
After several tests, the doctor found that her makeup kit was responsible for this kidney problem.
Mercury levels in the skin cream were in the thousands against the acceptable level of less than 1 ppm (parts per million)

Mumbai, By applying a beauty cream in Maharashtra, three women of the same family got kidney disease. Using a locally manufactured fairness cream bought from a beautician in the state’s Akola district landed a girl student and two other women in her household at the hospital. According to a report in the Times of India, when a 20-year-old biotech student started using locally made Fairness Creams, everyone started praising her for the glow of her face. After this, the mother and sister of the student also started using this cream.

However, four months after applying the beauty cream, she developed Glomerulonephritis. Glomerulonephritis is a disease in which the tiny filters of the kidney get damaged. The doctor also expressed surprise after seeing three women from the same house suffering from kidney problems. The doctor treating the girl student, after several tests, found that her make-up kit was responsible for this kidney problem. After this, the results of testing various items including cream done in the laboratory surprised the doctors. The doctor said that the mercury level in the skin cream was in thousands against the permissible level of less than 1 ppm (parts per million). Also, the mercury level in the blood of the girl student was 46 whereas normally it should be 7.

Let us tell you that mercury, which is very dangerous for humans, can stop the melanocytes, due to which the skin glows. Since the cream had a high amount of mercury, it was adversely affecting his kidneys and making his skin fair. According to the report, the student has not fully recovered yet but her mother and sister have recovered due to better treatment. The presence of heavy metals in cosmetics is not a new thing. In 2014, the Delhi-based CSE tested 32 creams and found that 14 contained heavy metals.

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