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Before the results of the presidential election, sweets are prepared in the native village of Draupadi Murmu, preparations for the victory procession


Sweets prepared in Draupadi Murmu’s native village, preparations for victory procession
People of Rairangpur have full confidence that Draupadi Murmu’s victory is sure.
20,000 laddus have been made to be distributed on this happy occasion.

New Delhi. Preparations are on for a victory procession ahead of the announcement of NDA’s presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu in Odisha’s native village Rairangpur. Sweets have been prepared to be distributed after the victory of Draupadi Murmu. The people of Rairangpur are confident that the victory of Draupadi Murmu against the opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha is certain.

According to a news agency ANI, the people of Draupadi Murmu’s village have also decided to organize a tribal dance on the occasion. On this occasion, a local villager said that today is a proud day for his village as well as the whole of Odisha. Today a tribal woman is going to reach the post of President of this country for the first time. 20,000 laddus have been made to be distributed on this happy occasion. Along with this, a program of fireworks and dance will also be organized. Along with this, banners have also been put up at various places to congratulate Draupadi Murmu on her victory in the presidential election.

Bisveshwar Mohanty, the headmaster of the school where Draupadi Murmu studied as a child, said that she was a meritorious student and wanted to serve the people. He was the head teacher from 1968 to 1970, when Draupadi was studying at Murmu School. He said that I feel very proud to hear about Draupadi Murmu. She was a brilliant student. I remember once the students were asked to describe what they wanted to become in the future. The students mentioned different occupations. But when Murmu was asked, she said that she wants to serve the people.

Such is the political journey of Draupadi Murmu: first councilor then MLA … and now presidential candidate

Draupadi Murmu’s aunt Saraswati Murmu said that Draupadi Murmu has proved what women can achieve. Murmu has struggled a lot throughout his life. This is the result of their tireless struggle. She is very humble and grounded. We are always with us in happiness and sorrow. In our time, girls were always told that what will you do after studying. People used to ask her what she would be able to do. Now she has proved what she can do.

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