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Begusarai: Careful! On Diwali, if your sweets are adulterated, then identify the real and fake like this

Neeraj Kumar Singh

Begusarai, There is a tradition of sweetening the mouth on the festival of Diwali. Sweet shops are ready in the market in Begusarai, Bihar. There are all kinds of sweets in the market ranging from colorful to expensive and cheap, but sweets with cheap prices spoil the health of the people. Talking about government data, a case has been registered against seven traders who made adulterated sweets in the year 2022 in Begusarai district. Whereas in 2021, eight cases were registered, out of which three were punished.

Easy way to identify fake sweets

Neeraj Kumar, who has been running a sweet shop in Begusarai’s Cheria Bariyarpur market for the last 22 years, told that the sweet which looks more white, it is adulterated. Because Mawa is not very white. Try taking the sweets in hand, if the color seems to be there, then avoid buying it. Also check its smell. Apart from this, while buying sweets also check that there is no fungus in it. Break the sweet and check that there is no wire coming out of it. All these things are signs of spoilage of sweets. Also, if sweets are kept on top of sweets in the shop, then understand that it is adulterated.

Why is there adulteration in sweets?

According to the sweet traders, the cost of making sweets is high due to the cost of milk. In such a situation, in order to reduce the price of sweets, confectioners adulterate it so that more quantity can be sold and profit can be made. In such a situation, the difference between real and fake sweets is not known. The use of synthetic milk is often heard for making paneer. In synthetic milk, urea, caustic soda, detergent etc. is used.

District administration refuses to get adulterated milk

Virendra Kumar, an officer looking after the food security department in the district, said that the investigation conducted so far has not revealed the production or use of synthetic milk. The investigation campaign is going on for a month. Mustard oil, refined oil, gram flour, maida as well as sweets of some famous and other sweet shops have been sent to the sample lab for testing from most of the shopkeepers. Necessary guidelines have been given to all the shopkeepers. The material which has been sent for investigation, real and fake will be known only after the report comes. Customers need to be careful while buying sweets.

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