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Being gay is a sin in this country, the government made such a law, you will get the death penalty


Uganda’s parliament has brought tough laws against homosexuality.
In the bill, there is a provision of death penalty in case of serious homosexuality.
The bill will become law after President Yoweri Museveni signs it.

Anti-Homosexuality Law. Where there is a debate on the rights of homosexuals all over the world, on the other hand strict anti-gay laws are being implemented in some countries. According to the report of ANI, the African country Uganda passed a bill on Tuesday, under which revealing the homosexual identity has been declared a crime. In this bill, a provision has been made to give death sentence in case of serious homosexuality.

same sex crime
According to news agency ANI, the Ugandan government has passed a strict law for same-sex relationships in the country, which criminalises anyone who identifies as LGBTQ. According to the report, this law is the first such penal law for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, which has been passed by the Parliament of Uganda to punish Same-Sex Partners (LGBTQ).

Banned in 30 African countries
Citing Human Rights Watch, Al Jazeera, an Arab channel, reported that more than 30 African countries have banned homosexuality, which now includes Uganda. “The bill was passed in record time,” parliamentary speaker Anita Annett said after the final vote on legislation to ban homosexuality in Uganda, Al Jazeera reported. The law would prohibit same-sex relationships as well as promoting homosexual behavior and intent to participate in homosexual activity.

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life imprisonment for the culprits

The law passed in Uganda is reported to provide for harsher penalties against the guilty, and in addition, the death penalty for so-called “aggravated” homosexuality resulting from a breach of the law (Death Penalty) and life imprisonment for gay sex (Life Sentence) It is possible.

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Everyone supported except one MP
While passing the bill, everyone except one MP supported it. At the same time, MPs pointed out that homosexuality is a threat to traditional values ​​in the conservative and religious nation of East Africa. It is known that President Yoweri Museveni will sign this bill and give it the form of law. He has long been against LGBTQ rights and passed an anti-gay law in 2013, which was later rejected by the courts. (with ANI input)

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