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Bengaluru News: The youth got angry when the disciple said… Kicking, punching and stabbing wounds in ‘Gurudakshina’


  • A young man was brutally beaten up for being called a disciple in Bangalore
  • Accused person of criminal nature, also a case of murder
  • A shower of abusive words on being called a disciple then attacked with a knife
  • Deep wounds to Vijay, accused’s father and brother also beaten up

Next time think twice before calling someone your disciple. Especially when the person in front has a criminal history. If still you do this then be ready to face dangerous consequences in the form of Gurudakshina.

The accused was sitting outside the house, jokingly said the disciple
20-year-old Vijay, who lived in Bangalore’s Beguru town, was brutally attacked by neighboring India and his own family members. It is being told that Vijay jokingly called India a disciple. Police say that the incident happened around 3 pm. Vijay’s house is in the Janata Colony of Devarachikanahalli. He had gone out to meet friends with his cousin. During this, Vijay saw that Bharat was sitting outside his house. “As well as being accused of murder, India is notorious for its domineering image in the region,” Vijay told our affiliate newspaper Bengaluru Mirror.

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abused for being called a disciple, fatal attack with a knife
Vijay went to Bharat in a light mood and called him a disciple. On hearing the address of the disciple, India was enraged. After this he showered abusive words on Vijay. When Vijay said that he had said so jokingly, India attacked with a knife. He inflicted heavy blows on Vijay’s head. Vijay, who was badly injured in this attack, has received three deep wounds. Hearing the sound of the fight, Bharat’s younger brother Sharat also came out of the house and beat Vijay with a wooden stick. Vijay collapsed on the road after getting badly injured in the attack.

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The brother and father of the accused also kicked and punched
After this Bharat and Sharat’s father also came out of the house and started beating and kicking. When the unconscious Vijay fell down, then all three went away from there. After this the cousin called friends and family members to the spot and took them to a private hospital for treatment. The family of the victim Vijay has lodged a complaint with the police. A relative said, “Though we had complained to the police officers about attempt to murder against Bharat, the police registered a case against the three accused with deadly weapon and assault with criminal intent as well as other sections. Thereafter they were released.

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