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Beyhwa did not go there and do it in Delhi itself! Nitish Kumar took a jibe at the lamp on the pretext of Ramvilas

Patna : Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has attacked Chirag Paswan and BJP on the pretext of going to campaign in Mokama and Gopalganj. Not only this, he also did not spare the late leader Ram Vilas Paswan. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar while attacking Chirag and also mentioned his closeness to the Paswan family. During this, he also took Ram Vilas Paswan under wraps. On the question that Chirag Paswan has gone to campaign for BJP. Nitish Kumar said that ‘he (Chirag) is doing right. He was pitted against us as a candidate. Nitish Kumar said that ‘You people know that we not only respected his father but also supported him.’ Chief Minister Chirag Paswan also took a dig at his father’s marriage. He said that ‘Our relationship has been old. But he did the marriage in Delhi itself, didn’t he? All these are boys and children.’

What did Nitish Kumar say
Chirag Paswan is already with BJP…everybody knows…he is doing right…Candidate was fielded against JDU. Everyone knows this. Who got it erected? Not only did we give respect to Ram Vilas Paswan, but we supported him from the very beginning. Chirag Paswan is still a child. Ram Vilas Paswan had a second marriage in Delhi. When we lived, we kept going, our relationship is very old. It is sad that he is no more. Now whatever the boy child is saying. If the party’s opinion was there, that is why we parted ways. If we made a mistake in 2017, we left and came back to our place.
Chirag gave the return gift before the gift! Modi’s Hanuman’s deal with BJP was done in the battle of Mokama? What will uncle Pashupati Paras do now?We have an eye on Gopalganj and Mokama: Nitish Kumar
On the by-elections being held in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that the RJD candidate will win in both Mokama and Gopalganj seats. We are keeping our eyes on both the seats. Nitish Kumar said that due to injury, I have not been able to go there for campaigning, but we keep talking to the people there.

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