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Bharat Jodi Yatra: On 55th day Rahul Gandhi begins padyatra from Shamshabad Math temple in Telangana – Fast Hindi News

New Delhi: Today is the 55th day of the ‘Bharat Jodi Yatra’ of Congress, which is being led by former Congress President and MP Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodi Yatra has covered a distance of more than 1,250 kms across India.

Congress’s Bharat Jodi Yatra is currently in Telangana. This journey has now reached Telangana, passing through Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. “Bharat Jodi Yatra” will enter Maharashtra on 7th November. November 4 will be a day of relief during the journey.

Today is the sixth day of the Yatra in Telangana. Rahul Gandhi began his journey today from the Math temple in Shamshabad, Telangana. During this, Rahul Gandhi was present with the Congress workers.

The 16-day visit to Telangana will pass through 19 assembly districts and 7 parliamentary districts. It will take 16 days to travel from Makathal to different parts of Telangana. During this, a journey of 375 km will be done through 19 assembly and 7 parliamentary constituencies.

Congress MP from Kanyakumari Rahul Gandhi had started the yatra on September 7 and will end it next year in Kashmir, covering a 25-mile journey.

A historic occasion for the Congress and the entire nation, a journey of 3500 kms. According to a Congress statement, this is the longest foot march by a politician in Indian history.

Telangana is currently the starting point of the Bharat Jodi Yatra, a national integration campaign launched by the Congress.

It departed from Shadnagar Bus Depot Camp at 6 am and will halt for its first break at Papyrus Port, Kothur.

Rahul Gandhi reportedly completed 23.3 kms of the 3,570 km march from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on Friday.

The Yatra will cover a combined distance of 375 km through 19 assembly and 7 parliamentary seats in the state before entering Maharashtra on November 7.

The Congress had earlier said that the Bharat Jodi Yatra was the longest walk undertaken by a politician in Indian history.

After starting in Tamil Nadu, the journey has already passed through parts of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The next leg of the journey will pass through Maharashtra.

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