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Bharatpur: Animal owners upset due to lack of fodder, forced to buy at a higher price

Lalitesh Kushwaha

Bharatpur. In Rajasthan’s Bharatpur, the unseasonal rains in the month of September have wreaked havoc on the farmers. This has caused a lot of damage to the Kharif crop in the fields. The bitterness of millet used to supply fodder for the animals in the winter season, but due to the destruction of the millet crop due to rain, there has been a crisis of fodder. At this time fodder has become a headache for the cattle owners. Cattle farmers are forced to buy expensive fodder as well as sell their animals cheaply.

This is the price of fodder in Bharatpur

About two to three lakh metric tonnes of fodder is required per year in Bharatpur district. Veterinarian Mahendra Singh Abhorra said that due to the rains in the month of September this year, the millet crop has been destroyed. In the winter season, fodder was available for the animals from the bitter millet, but this time due to the destruction of the crop, the bitter is left in less quantity. Due to this reason, the price of straw has gone up to Rs 600 to Rs 800 a mind (40 kg), while the bitter price of millet is Rs 250 to 400 a mind.

Green fodder is left in less quantity, due to which this supply of animals is not being done. Livestock farmers are buying fodder for their livestock and cattle at a higher price.

The number of animals in the district is so

According to the figures of the year 2019 in the district, the total number of animals is around 12 lakhs. In this, the number of buffalo is 760323, cow dynasty 205401, sheep 76693 and goat is 168158.

In fact, due to more mustard cultivation in Bharatpur, less wheat is sown in the fields. Due to this there is a shortage of straw for the animals in the district. Traders from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana come to the district and sell straw. This time outside traders have stopped the straw. At present, the cattle owners are forced to buy the fodder available in the district by paying a higher price.

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