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Bhojpur: Every section is troubled by the problem of continuous jam in Koilwar, the journey of 45 minutes is being fixed in 72 hours

Alok Kumar Bharti

Bhojpur. The problem of jam is arising daily in Koilwar of Bhojpur district of Bihar. Due to this it has become difficult for the people to walk on the road. Due to increase in the number of trucks and tractors in the district, Patna-Buxar Four Lane, Ara-Chhapra Four Lane, Sakaddi-Nasriganj State Highway, Koilwar-Bahiyara-Chandi road, long queues of sand laden vehicles and haphazard operation of tractors Due to the traffic jam, the condition of the common people is miserable. Due to the jam, the local people are also facing a lot of difficulties in commuting by two-wheelers. There is often a possibility of accident due to the haphazard driving of the drivers.

Troubled by the problem of continuous jam on the roads of Koilwar, people have now made a video of it and started making it viral. While making photos of overloaded sand laden trucks viral on many WhatsApp groups, people are taunting the police-administration. Despite this, no initiative is being taken by the district administration towards the problem. Where the drivers are carrying overloaded trucks and tractors. On the other hand, due to the water soaked sand being loaded in these vehicles, it keeps on dripping continuously on the road. Due to which the road becomes slippery.

Due to the jam, shopkeeping is also getting affected.

Local shopkeeper Pramod, Raju, Mohd. Shahabuddin and others told that shop keeping is also getting affected a lot due to jam on coming days. On the other hand, due to heavy jam on Patna-Buxar and Ara-Chhapra main road, school buses also remain stuck for hours. Because of this, children have to face a lot of trouble. Due to being stuck in the jam, the school bus does not reach the school on time. Also, children are not able to reach home from school on time.

It takes 36 to 72 hours to travel 45 minutes

Tractor driver Ram Babu Rai told that it takes him 36 to 72 hours to travel 45 minutes. The problem of jam has become one of the destiny of the drivers. He told that somewhere the district administration has a hand in this. The tractor driver also accused of illegal extortion on the roads. No initiative is being taken to get rid of the jam, due to which this problem is increasing daily.

Due to the jam, many tractor drivers are seen lying on the roadside covered with a sheet. However, it will be a matter to be seen that when the residents of the city get freedom from the problem of jam.

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