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Bhujiyaghat: The beautiful tourist spot of Haldwani, the river passing through the mountains gives a feeling of relaxation

Report – Pawan Singh Kunwar

Bhujiyaghat Haldwani: There are many tourist and religious places in the areas adjacent to Haldwani city of Uttarakhand. There is a beautiful place at a distance of 10 km from the city, whose name is Bhujiyaghat. The growing popularity of this place can be gauged from the fact that thousands of tourists come every day. Bhujiaghat, which has been included in the best tourist spots of Nainital district, gives you a feeling of wonderful peace, the view of mountains, river, natural beauty.

People like the river passing through the mountains in Bhujiaghat. People also come here for entertainment with clean air. Many guest houses and home stays have been built in the Bhujiaghat area, which are giving a better place to the tourists coming here. Along with this, the local people are also getting employment.

Dinesh Singh, a local resident and shopkeeper, says that about 300 to 400 people come to a restaurant here every day. People also need peace in the mountains. It is so hot in Haldwani and Terai areas that in search of cool and clean air, people find a secluded place in the mountains, so that they can be entertained and they can spend their time peacefully among the mountains.

Girish, who came to visit from Haldwani city, told that he is originally from the mountain. He has a great love for the mountain. Bhujiaghat is such a beautiful place that coming here gives peace of mind. He already had a connection with the mountains. He loves to live in the middle of the river and in a quiet area, that is why whenever he gets time, he comes to Bhujiaghat.

Local resident Mohan Surya also says that now the number of people visiting here is increasing continuously. Somewhere the local people have also got employment, due to which a curiosity arises in the minds of the people that they should also work. People from far and wide come to visit our village and now our village is making a different identity, due to which we are very happy.

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