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Big 3 cat in Gwalior-Chambal ahead of assembly elections, tiger is coming after cheetah

Bhopal, Good news for Gwalior Chambal. of Sheopur Kuno Palpur in the national sanctuary tiger After settling now in Shivpuri adjoining Sheopur tigers Getting ready to leave. NTCA has given its approval to release 5 tigers in Madhav National Park of Shivpuri. In the first phase, 3 tigers will be released in Madhav National Park. There will be one male and two females. If tigers survive there, then in the next phase 2 more tigers will be released in Madhav National Park. The forest department has started preparations to release the tiger in November after the approval of NTCA.

Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia had demanded the Union Forest and Environment Ministry to settle tigers in Madhav National Park. On this, the ministry has given permission to release 5 tigers in Madhav National Park. After the approval of NTCA, now the forest department of Madhya Pradesh is engaged in identifying the tiger. It is being told that three tigers from Satpura and Bandhavgarh National Park will be released in the first phase in Madhav National Park. At present, tiger friendly enclosures are being prepared in Madhav National Park. The tiger will be released in the month of November. From January, tourists will be able to see those tigers.

big 3 cat
With this initiative of the government, there will be big 3 cats in Gwalior Chambal division. Leopards are already here. Recently, cheetahs have also been released in Kuno. Now tigers are also being settled. In such a situation, tourists who come to see cheetahs will be able to travel only 60 kilometers to see tigers in Madhav National Park. It is clear that in the politics of the state, Gwalior Chambal is at the center point at this time. This is the reason that after the cheetahs in Chambal, now there is an attempt to change the political atmosphere here by preparing for the knock of tigers.

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monitor cheetahs
At present, cheetahs brought from Namibia and released in Kuno have also been kept under surveillance. Now there is a general difference in their behavior. The forest department has kept cheetahs away from the common people for the next 4 months. According to the Forest Department, people will also be able to see cheetahs by January next year.

cheetah-tiger election issue
The BJP is promoting its success of releasing cheetahs in Kuno by linking it to the development of Gwalior Chambal ahead of next year’s assembly elections. BJP says that after the settlement of tigers, the development of Chambal area will be fast and people will be able to see tigers and cheetahs together. With this, Sheopur Shivpuri will also be developed.

However, the Congress is raising questions on the statements of the BJP of giving employment opportunities through tigers and cheetahs in Gwalior Chambal. Congress MLA Kunal Chaudhary said that cows are dying in the state and the government is engaged in organizing tiger and cheetah events. Farmers are worried about not getting the price of onion and garlic. The government should also pay attention to the problems of the common people.

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