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Big accident in Uttar Pradesh: Bike collides with tractor in Bulandshahr, mother’s death including son and daughter


Accident happened in Gulavathi Kotwali area of ​​Bulandshahr
three people of same family died in bulandshahr accident
Tractor-trolley driver absconded from the spot after the accident

Bulandshahr. Road accidents are not taking the name of stopping in Uttar Pradesh. Now three people of the same family, including an innocent, died in a painful road accident in Bulandshahr of the state. Mother, son and daughter are among those killed in this heart-wrenching accident. The accident happened due to the collision of tractor trolley and bike. The tractor driver fled after the accident. The police have sent the bodies for post-mortem. The police is involved in the investigation of the whole matter. After the accident, there is chaos in the family of the deceased.

According to the police, the accident took place in the Gulavathi Kotwali area of ​​Bulandshahr. There a tractor and bike collided at Chandpura Mohali turn. In this accident, three bike riders died tragically. These include a woman and her son and daughter. On the information of the accident, the local police immediately reached the spot and took care of the situation. The police took the bodies away from there and took them into their possession. Later he was sent for post-mortem.

Tractor driver absconded from the spot
As soon as the accident happened, the tractor driver fled from the spot. Police have registered a case against the driver by taking possession of the tractor-trolley. Police is on the lookout for the accused. As of now his whereabouts have not been found. On the other hand, as soon as the families of the victims of the accident came to know about this, there was an outcry in their family. The information about the death of three people of the same family spread mourning in the area.

Road accidents are increasing continuously in Uttar Pradesh
It is noteworthy that road accidents are increasing continuously in Uttar Pradesh. Dozens of people have lost their lives in these daily accidents. At the same time, many injured have reached the hospital. In Uttar Pradesh, this havoc of speed is becoming more and more deadly. Despite this, neither the police administration is able to stop them nor the drivers are applying brakes on their speed.

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