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Big lapse in the security of Home Minister Amit Shah who reached Hyderabad: TRS leader parked the car in front of the convoy and then…

Hyderabad. During the Hyderabad visit, a case of lapse in the security of Union Home Minister Amit Shah came to light. When Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s convoy was passing right here, suddenly the TRS leader put his car in front of his convoy. Seeing this, the security personnel became active and immediately got the vehicle removed from the spot. The name of the TRS leader who put the car in front of the convoy is being told as Gosula Srinivas. A video of this incident is also going viral.

A Telangana Rashtriya Samithi ‘TRS’ leader on Saturday parked his car in front of Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s convoy, who had come to the city to attend the ‘Hyderabad Liberation Day’ celebrations. According to media reports, when a leader of Telangana Rashtra Samithi ‘TRS’ parked his car in front of Home Minister Amit Shah’s convoy in Hyderabad on Saturday, the security personnel posted there were shocked. The security personnel intervened and removed the car from the spot. TRS leader Gosula Srinivas parked his vehicle in such a way that it blocked the path of Amit Shah’s convoy. With this, there was a big threat to the security of the Union Home Minister.

The security personnel became active as soon as the car stopped on the way, the video went viral
During this, after the intervention of the Central Reserve Police Force ‘CRPF’, they were forced to remove the car from there. A video of this is also going viral on social media, in which a red colored car is seen standing in the way of the convoy. has been. Many security personnel are also seen around him and are seen removing him from the way.

TRS leader Gasula Srinivas accuses security personnel of sabotage

At the same time, TRS leader Gosula Srinivas said about the incident that my car suddenly stopped in front of the convoy. During this time, till I could understand something, the security personnel engaged in the security of the Home Minister started vandalizing the car. This is wrong. I will meet the police officer on this matter and ask him to take action.

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