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Big order of Himanta Vishwa Sharma government, converted 1281 madrassas into schools in Assam

Image Source : PTI FILE
Assam Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma.

Guwahati: Around 1,300 Middle English (ME) madrassas in Assam have been converted into normal ME schools with immediate effect. Giving information about this in an order from the state government, it has been said that 1281 schools have been made ME schools with immediate effect. Let us tell you that Middle English (ME) madrassas provide education in English medium. The order issued by Primary Education Department Director Suranjana Senapati on Wednesday said that 1,281 upper primary ME madrassas across the state under the Directorate of Elementary Education will be known as ME schools with immediate effect.

‘Nothing has been changed except the name’

Let us inform that earlier in April 2021, all 610 state-run madrassas under the Madrassa Board were converted into upper primary, higher and higher secondary schools. Also, there will be no change in the status, salary, allowances and service conditions of the teaching and non-teaching staff in these institutions converted from madrassas to schools. Suranjana Senapati said that classes are continuing regularly in these approximately 1,300 Madrassa ME schools and only a slight change has been made in their nomenclature as per the government instructions.

‘Classes will continue without any changes’

Senapati said, ‘There are students, teachers and other employees in these madrassas. Classes were going on in madrassas for many years and they will continue without any change. When asked whether religious education was also being imparted in madrassas before the order was issued, the commander declined to comment. Let us tell you that the Assam government led by Himanta Vishwa Sharma has adopted an aggressive stance against madrassas from the very beginning. Even when people involved in terrorist incidents were found to have links with madrassas, Himanta’s government had even bulldozed them. (Language)

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