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Bihar Politics News: Nitish Kumar’s Plan B

Patna: Now everyone’s eyes are on each and every move in the political Chausar of Bihar. The tussle between the ruling NDA parties Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and JDU is at its peak. There is a flurry of new alliances in the state. Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and JDU are talking about ‘Galbahiyan’. The state’s largest party RJD has also lit the green light for JDU. The 79-seat RJD has dissolved its media panel and senior leaders have been strictly asked not to comment on the current political turmoil. That is, every piece has been fitted for victory over Chaucer. At the right time, CM Nitish Kumar has to play a trick. But right now there are some issues on which there is a tussle between JDU and RJD.

Preparation is complete, but the problem is stuck here
In the current situation, JDU and RJD and JDU (43) together will cross the majority mark in the 243-seat assembly. RJD and JDU alone will cross the figure of 124. This is a matter of majority. But there is a complicated issue between the two parties. According to sources, if both the parties resolve the complex issue of control over the post of Chief Minister, Speaker and Speaker, then the government will be formed immediately. In such a situation, Nitish can immediately recommend BJP ministers by removing the ministers and appointing RJD ministers in their place.

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Nitish Kumar's friends ready

Nitish Kumar’s friends ready

Congress laid eyelids
Amidst the news of Nitish switching sides, the Congress in the state has also made preparations to lay a wink for JDU. The meeting of party legislators took place amid speculation of Nitish talking to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Congress Legislature Party leader in the state, Ajit Sharma, said after the meeting on Monday evening that the Congress would support Nitish if he decides to leave the NDA.
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Nitish walked away from BJP like this
The news of political upheaval had caught up with the news of Nitish Kumar not attending the NITI Aayog meeting. The meeting was presided over by PM Narendra Modi. This was the fourth time in three weeks that Nitish Kumar had stayed away from an event organized by the Centre.

RJD has done Guna-Maths
The RJD has also completed the Guna-Math amidst the current political turmoil in the state. Senior party leader Shivanand Tiwari said that if Nitish decides to leave the NDA, we will not embarrass him. RJD is committed to fight against the communal agenda of BJP. If CM joins us in the fight against communalism, we are ready to adopt him.
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Nitish’s change of side is an ‘auspicious sign’
Congress National Secretary and MLA Shakeel Ahmed Khan said that whatever is happening in Bihar in the last few days is a good sign for the state. The BJP has a history of creating trouble among allies. Now he is facing his own bet. If the situation changes, Congress MLAs may meet again on Tuesday.

Announcement of Manjhi, will support Nitish
Former CM of the state Jitan Ram Manjhi has clearly said that he will remain with Nitish in any situation. The president of HAM has also called a meeting of his MLAs.
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JDU is marching ahead

On the other hand, JDU is still making strides forward. Party’s national president Rajiv Ranjan alias Lalan Singh said that the meeting of party legislators on Tuesday is to discuss the situation after the resignation of RCP. He said that CM Nitish Kumar wants to know the opinion of the MLAs regarding the political situation created after the resignation of RCP. But Lalan Singh may say something, the statements of his party leaders are telling that something big is going to happen in Bihar in the next 48 hours.


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