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Bihar: Snakes falling from thatch, water sucking from roof… Police station running in rented hut teasing ‘good governance’

Report : Abhinav Kumar

Darbhanga. On one hand the government of the state is making claims of development and good governance, on the other hand, those on whose shoulders the responsibility of maintaining good governance is not even a roof over their heads. Actually today there is a discussion about the police station which is running on rent in the hut. This is Moro police station of Darbhanga district which was established in 1972 as OP. At the same time, 15 years ago it got the status of a police station, but this police station is still running in a rented hut. It is clear that the policemen posted in this police station have not been able to reach even a building. Not only this, policemen have to face poisonous snakes on a daily basis, so there is no proper arrangement for cooking in the police station.

Some policemen posted at Moro police station shared their problems on the condition of keeping their names confidential. He told that snakes keep falling from the top of the thatch. Two days ago also the snake had fallen. Venomous snakes are often seen. Whereas during the rainy days, water keeps dripping from the thatch and roof of the hut. Somehow he is making a living by tying plastic. This police station has been battling for better resources since its inception. Let us inform that Moro police station is being operated on rent in a hut-like house opposite Baswara High School. The condition of the hut has also deteriorated. At present, there is no one to take care of this dilapidated police station.

During the rainy season, water keeps dripping from the hut continuously.

The rent of the police station running in the hut is Rs 450 per month
Local Shyam Kishore Mishra tells that this is the house of Vipalanandu, son of Ramchandra Babu, resident of Pator of Bahadurpur block area. Its rent is 450 per month. The policemen posted in this police station face a lot of trouble. This area is a flood affected area. There is neither a building nor a way for the policemen to live here. The department needs to pay more attention to this, so that the problems of the policemen can be removed.

The process of land acquisition is in the final stage
Hanuman Nagar CO Kailash Chaudhary said that the process of land acquisition for the building of Moro police station is in the final stage. The land which was verified by the police station. It has been sent to the department for further action. Soon the land related problem of Moro police station will end. After this, Moro police station will have its own land and building.

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