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Bihar: The girl’s brothers kidnapped the boyfriend sitting with his girlfriend in the garden, preparations were made to cut his neck, but…

Mungair, The boyfriend of Lakhisarai district, who came to meet his girlfriend from the Company Garden located in the highly secure fort complex of Bihar, was kidnapped by the girlfriend’s brothers on Wednesday, which the Munger police recovered the kidnapped youth safely in just two hours. Due to the prompt action of the police, a young man was safely recovered by the police, while the police is conducting raids to arrest the brother of the girlfriend and others involved in the kidnapping.

According to the information, Nitish Kumar, son of Mantu Sah, resident of Mananpura Itaun village of Chanan police station area of ​​Lakhisarai district, reached Munger by train along with Raja Kumar and Rohit of his village. Both Rohit and Raja went to Munger University. While Nitish reached Company Garden to meet his girlfriend. There was already a girlfriend resident of Purbasarai. Both talked there for a long time. Later Nitish was called by his friends. Nitish also called Raja and Rohit to the Company Garden. All four were sitting and talking. Then at around 2 pm, the girl’s brother came with his friends and kidnapped Nitish. Soon after Nitish was kidnapped, his friends Raja and Rohit called on dial 112. After which the police came into action. The patrol team of the Kotwali police, Dial 112 team immediately reached there and the police drove the vehicles in the direction of running away with Nitish.

On the instructions of SP Jagunathreddy Jalareddy, SDPO, formed under the leadership of Rajesh Kumar, conducted raids for the safe recovery of the kidnapped youth with the force. Meanwhile, the police got information that some motorcyclists have gone under the Ganga bridge in Laldarwaja area. When the police went there, seeing from afar, some motorcyclists started running away. When the police chased, leaving the kidnapped youth near Munger railway station, all fled.

After this the police recovered Nitish safely. The kidnapped youth Nitish told that he is in love with the girl. When he came to Munger with friends on Wednesday, the girl called and called Company Garden to meet him. From where she was kidnapped by the girl’s brother along with friends. After which he took him to an unknown place and beat him up badly. The kidnapper called her parents and abused her and made preparations to cut her neck. But seeing the police coming, started running away from there on a motor cycle. But seeing the police chasing him, he was released near the railway station.

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