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Birthday: Sardar Patel’s plane disappeared after taking off, panic spread in the country


flew from Delhi to Jaipur but after some time lost contact with the control room
One of the plane’s engines stopped working in the air, then the pilot rang the alarm bell
When All India Radio broadcast the news of the disappearance of the plane, there was a stir across the country.

Today is the birthday of the country’s first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Today is also celebrated as Unity Day i.e. Unity Day across the country. Patel was very courageous. They did not panic even in the biggest danger. On the day when his plane was in danger and the pilot had warned that anything could happen, the faces of everyone on the plane started blowing but Patel remained calm.

On 29 March 1949, when it was broadcast from Akashvani, the plane carrying Vallabhbhai from Delhi to Jaipur could not be contacted, there was a stir in the whole country. Situations of fear and anxiety arose. The flight which should have arrived in hardly an hour. He was not found for hours. What happened after all? Sardar Patel had actually returned from the mouth of death that day.

That day at 05.32 pm Patel had flown from Palam Airport Delhi to Jaipur with daughter Mani Behan, Maharaja of Jodhpur and Secretary Shankar in a two-engined ship named Dove. Jaipur was only 158 miles away, which could be reached in an hour. But in the meantime, the contact of his aircraft with the control room was lost.

Why was the aircraft given instructions to fly at a low altitude?
This has been written in detail in Rajmohan Gandhi’s book “Patel A Life”. According to the book, the plane was small. It did not catch the required speed. Therefore, the amount of time it had to reach in the air, it could not be done. But this was not a worrisome thing because the pilot was given special guidelines that Vallabhbhai Patel should not be taken to an altitude of more than 3000 feet due to being a heart patient.

In Rajmohan Gandhi’s book “Patel A Life”, all aspects of his life have been discussed in detail.

Not the government but this Maharaja’s plane
This aircraft belonged to Maharaja Jodhpur. He was considered the main in the matter of bringing planes to the country. He had built an airport and flight strip in Jodhpur at his own expense. He had several planes. He himself was also a master in flying aircraft.

Engine stopped working and contact was also lost
Maharaja Jodhpur told Vallabhbhai an hour later that one of the aircraft’s engines was not working. Radio contact lost. The plane started descending. The area in which the plane was landing was a mountainous area. This was dangerous. Patel’s daughter Maniben’s heart started beating fast. They felt that now the end was near.

There was also a possibility of fire in the petrol tank
What was the reaction of Vallabhbhai’s mind, I do not know, but he was sitting quietly without getting distracted. It is possible that the fear of death in a plane crash has also arisen in his mind. When Jaipur was 30 miles away, the pilot decided to land the ship. Passengers may have been informed that the doors of the aircraft may have been clamped upon landing and could not be opened. In such a situation, they will have to exit through the emergency gate on the roof. This work has to be done quickly. Because the petrol tank of the plane can also catch fire.

In the conditions that arose in the plane, everyone felt that death was ahead, but Sardar Patel sat silently without being distracted.

the plane was landed in the river
The emergency door was not wide enough. At 6.20, the pilot informed everyone that they should tie their waist belts tightly. After 5 minutes he landed the ship safely near the river. There was no fire. The door didn’t even close. So everyone could come out safely. But no one knew where the plane had landed, what was the place and how far it was from Jaipur.

Patel was made to sit by putting a cot
A cowherd came near. On inquiry, it was found that he had landed near a village named Shahpur. The cowherd went and called three people. Then some more people came. The beds were put. Water, milk, sweets came. That era was not of mobile phones. The villages did not even have landline phones. Now the problem was how to convey the news of Patel being safe.

Patel had to walk through the fields to reach the road
The Maharaja and the radio officers set out in search of some nearest route, so that the news of Sardar Patel’s safety could be spread everywhere. Vehicle can be arranged. In the end a cart was found, but his horse was very rude and obstinate. It was sunset sometime. It was getting dark. Two hours later, Vallabhbhai and his companions came to the side of the road after walking half a mile through the plowing fields.

Then the whole country heaved a sigh of relief
By then, apart from the villagers, an officer KB Lal reached there. Lal had received the news of Patel’s plane landing at Shahpur. He had also brought the vehicle of All India Radio with him so that this news could be delivered immediately.

It was 11 o’clock in the night by the time Vallabhbhai and his companions reached Jaipur. The whole of India was in a state of mourning over the possibility of Patel’s plane crashing. He was relieved when he got the news of Patel reaching Jaipur safely.

Nehru was getting upset
At around 11.00 pm, a phone call came to Prime Minister Nehru, who was circling in trouble. Patel’s secretary Shankar informed him that he was safe. Patel stayed overnight in Jaipur. On 30 March also he remained in Jaipur. There he participated in the program of the Greater Rajasthan Sangh. On this day Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer joined Rajasthan. Reached Delhi back on 31st March.

Warm welcome in Parliament
A huge crowd had gathered to welcome him at Palam. When he entered Parliament later that day, all his companions stood there. Everyone thumped the tables with a loud voice, imagining his longevity. Harsh Naad continued for the whole 03 minutes. Sardar Patel was also shocked. He told the House in a trembling voice,

“The darshan of all of you affection and respect that I have seen now, will be remembered by me forever. Even in the 03-04 hours that I spent on the banks of the river, I kept thinking in my mind that I am worrying the countrymen. ,

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