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BJP retaliated on Congress’s 9 questions, Ravi Shankar Prasad said – all these are ‘bundle of lies’, reminded of 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Bofors

New Delhi. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday termed the questions raised by the Congress on the completion of nine years in power of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government as a ‘big bundle of lies’ and its criticisms Rejecting, claimed that today India is moving fast in every field of development.

It is to be known that on the completion of 9 years of the central government, the Congress asked 9 questions on inflation, unemployment and some other topics and said, “The Prime Minister should apologize for the betrayal he has done to the country by not fulfilling his promises.” Needed.’

The main opposition party alleged that the promises made by the Prime Minister were imaginary and none of the promises were fulfilled. The Congress also released a booklet titled ‘Nau Saal, Nau Sawal’ and said that May 26 should be celebrated as ‘Apology Day’ for Prime Minister Modi.

Former Union Minister and senior party leader Ravi Shankar Prasad, while addressing the reporters at the BJP headquarters here, said that the Congress party has asked 9 questions on the completion of 9 years of the Modi government. At first the thought came to mind that it should be ignored, but it is such a big bundle of lies that it was necessary to clarify things.

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He said that the questions raised by the Congress party are not questions, but show the anger of the Congress party, which stems from hatred against Narendra Modi. He said that raising questions on the management of the Corona epidemic, which India was praised all over the world, is the ‘height of shamelessness’.

He said that you criticize, but in criticism, do not weaken the resolve inside the country, it is a big insult… to the lakhs of service personnel, doctors, nurses, sweepers, ambulance drivers…, who have sacrificed their lives during the Kovid period. Tried to save the country.

Prasad said that today India has become the fifth largest economy in the world. Today defense products worth Rs 16,000 crore are being exported and India has become the second largest producer in the world in mobile manufacturing.

He said that the figure of digital payment in India is 10 billion dollars. Be it Digital India, Digital Payments, GST, Mobile manufacturing, Roads, Airports, Electricity, Farmers talk, National Highway talk, Startup India talk, today India is moving fast in every field of development. . If Congress does not see all this, then what can anyone do.

On the question raised by the Congress on corruption, Prasad said that this is the same Congress, during whose reign so many big scams like 2G, Commonwealth, Adarsh, Bofors, Antriksh, helicopter scams have taken place. He alleged that the Congress has chosen 4C grading for itself – ie cut, commission, corruption and Congress. This is Congress.

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