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Boyfriend’s hate story, 35 pieces made with a saw, resorted to web series to destroy evidence

Shraddha Murder Case: Smile on face… carefree, carefree style and immense love for your partner. A girl who wanted to live life on her own terms. Such a girl, who had crossed the threshold of the house without hesitation, to get her love, for her love. Shraddha, who decided to sacrifice everything for love, who gave her heart to Aftab and vowed to live and die with him. The Shraddha, who used to trust Aftab blindly and without any hesitation when asked once, was living in an unknown city, hundreds of kilometers away from her home.

Thinking that for whom she has left everything, he will adopt her one day, will fill vermilion in demand and will always be with her, but in this story of love and love, such a philosophy of deceit, deceit and cruelty was hidden. About which no one had thought.

Bloody tale of love…

Shraddha, who worked in Mumbai, was brutally murdered in Delhi. Police claim that Shraddha was killed by her live-in partner Aftab. After killing by strangulation, the body was cut into 35 pieces. After this, keep these pieces in the fridge for several days. To avoid any doubt, he kept throwing the pieces of the dead body slowly for 18 days in the forest of Mehrauli. The thing to note is that this murder which took place 6 months ago has now come to light. Additional DCP (South Delhi) Ankit Chauhan said that a boy and girl had come and were staying here. The boy killed the girl and cut the body into 35 pieces and threw it in the forest.

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Aftab revealed all the secrets of the murder

The police had taken Aftab into custody on Saturday (November 12) itself. When he was questioned, he accepted his crime and then gradually started revealing all the secrets of the murder. Aftab told the police that he hid Shraddha’s body parts in the forest. Every night he used to go to the forest and then used to throw the parts of his dead body in the forest. Police say that some pieces have been recovered. But his forensic and DNA investigation has to be done.

This is the background story of Shraddha and Aftab

The question is, why did Aftab kill Shraddha, what happened between the two, after which Shraddha was killed. The biggest thing is that how did this massacre come to know after six months. What clues did the police get? To understand this story of murder and brutality properly, one has to first understand the background story of Shraddha and Aftab. It is about 2019. Shraddha Walker, a resident of Vasai near Mumbai, used to work in a call center in Malad. It was in this call center that Shraddha came to know Aftab Amin Poonawalla.

Shraddha left home for Aftab

This conversation turned into friendship and gradually friendship took the form of love. When Shraddha made a mention about Aftab in her house, told her parents about it, both of them rejected the relationship. But regardless of home and society, Shraddha decided to live her life with Aftab. Shraddha had told in 2019 that she is in a relationship with Aftab, but since the boy was a Muslim, when Shraddha’s family refused, Shraddha said that she is 25 years old and can take her own decisions. After this Shraddha decided to leave the house.

Aftab had beaten up

According to the girl’s father, both were first living in Naya village and later in Vasai, but when Shraddha’s mother died, she came back home in 2020 and told the story of the assault. Then the father asked the daughter to stay home. According to Shraddha’s father, after this Aftab apologized to Shraddha and then both started living together. According to police sources, after this Shraddha and Aftab shifted to Delhi in May 2022 and then the father also stopped talking to the daughter, but Shraddha told her classmate Laxman about going to Delhi. Shraddha’s father says that it was only through Laxman that the good news of the daughter used to be received. But suddenly in September, Shraddha stopped picking up the phone and then when she also tried to talk, contacted the daughter, it could not be talked about.

How did the boy get suspicious?

Senior Inspector Sampat Patil told that the girl was missing for two and a half months. The boy was changing the statement every time. His mobile, bank transactions were closed since May. During this information came to light that Shraddha and Aftab had reached Delhi on 8th May. After that stayed for 1 day in a hotel in Paharganj. Later stayed in a hostel in Saidulajaba area. Then decided to shift to Mehrauli’s house on 15th May. Aftab himself first shifted to Mehrauli’s house and brought Shraddha the next day.

What did the neighbors tell?

Neighbors of the Mehrauli house told that once Aftab was seen at night with a hookah in his hand. He used to come in the car and some of his friends used to accompany him. Both had shifted to the house on 15 May. Only three days after this, that means after 10 days of coming to Delhi, Aftab carried out this massacre. But the question was why did it do this. Why was the dead body cut into pieces? Where is the idea for this from?

These questions also got answers. The person who has come to the new city three days ago, is living with his live-in partner and kills him within three days. Then dispose of the body in such a way that no one is aware of it for six months. with whom he was living. The one who knew for two and a half years should run a saw on his body, that is, cut the body with a saw, cut it into pieces and then keep throwing them comfortably … then it is inevitable to see the angle of some vicious mind and deep conspiracy behind it. In the case of Shraddha’s murder, the police investigation also indicates the same.

Why Shraddha was killed?

Additional DCP (South) Delhi Ankit Chauhan said that what is the conspiracy, we are investigating the case from all angles, but it is certain that the method of the murderer was slightly different. Now the question is that why the murder took place… behind this also a big information came out from the Delhi Police. According to the police, Aftab told during interrogation that there used to be frequent quarrels between the two. Shraddha was pressurizing Aftab for marriage. Aftab had relationships with many other girls as well and Shraddha was getting suspicious about him. There used to be a dispute between the two on this matter as well and finally Aftab got fed up and killed Shraddha on 18th May.

Executed the murder with complete planning

Think Delhi Police had started action on a missing complaint, but when the investigation caught on, it reached Aftab as the accused of murder, but the way he committed the murder and despite that he remained in Mehrauli, he tried to run away. Didn’t try. According to sources, Aftab was leading a normal life after throwing away the pieces of Shraddha’s body so that no one was suspicious. Aftab used to sleep daily in the same room in which Shraddha was murdered. Aftab used to order food online after the murder. He did not meet the people of the neighborhood and police sources say that he has no regrets about the murder. So all these things are pointing in the same direction that maybe Aftab carried out the murder with full planning.

Idea taken from Dexter web series

Now the question is, where did Aftab get the idea of ​​dismembering the body after the murder? Shocking information has been received from police sources about this too. According to sources, Aftab used to work as a chef before working in the call center. Aftab was inspired by the web series named Dexter. The idea of ​​disposing the body came to the accused from the same series.

Obviously, even after so many revelations, the way forward for the police is difficult. Because the police have not got the full body of Shraddha as evidence and the confessional statement before the police does not stand in the court. That’s why now many evidences will have to be seen from the point of view of forensics and the DNA of the body parts found will have to be matched. Perhaps that’s why now the police have taken Aftab’s shoes and slippers so that the soil used in it will be matched with the soil of the forest. So that it can be proved that Aftab had gone to throw body parts in the forest. Apart from this, many other evidences are also being investigated so that the murderer of Shraddha Walkar does not escape at any cost.

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