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Breach in Parliament security: Accused stayed at his friend’s house in Gurugram

Image Source : SANSAD TV
During the proceedings of the Lok Sabha, two people jumped into the House from the audience gallery.

New Delhi: The accused, who breached the security arrangements of the Parliament and jumped into the House during the proceedings of the Lok Sabha and used smoke color outside, was staying with a friend in Gurugram. The police have taken the accused’s friend Vicky Sharma, a resident of Bihar, and his wife into custody. Also, when the accused named Neelam and Amol were running smoke color outside the Parliament, the accused named Lalit Jha was making their video. Neelam and Amol were caught by the police, but Lalit Jha escaped from the spot. Delhi Police has now started searching for Lalit Jha.

Lalit ran away as soon as the commotion started

Let us tell you that Lalit Jha, who was making the video of Neelam and Amol, ran away as soon as the commotion started. The police also had all its attention on Neelam and Amol because both of them were protesting. Now the police have formed 8 teams to arrest the remaining accused. Let us tell you that during the action inside the Parliament, the accused Manoranjan and Sagar Sharma who jumped into the House were also caught. All these accused were staying in the Housing Board Colony of Sector-7, Gurugram. After interrogating the accused, their friend Vicky Sharma and his wife, who live here, were taken into custody.

The incident occurred on the anniversary of the terrorist attack.

Let us inform that meanwhile, MPs of opposition parties on Wednesday demanded an explanation from Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the incident of breach in the security of Lok Sabha. Many MPs also alleged that the security arrangements in the new Parliament House are not adequate and this needs immediate attention. Let us tell you that this incident of lapse in security of Parliament has happened on the anniversary of the terrorist attack on Parliament in 2001. Accused Amol Shinde and Neelam were caught from outside the Parliament House, while Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D were caught from inside the Lok Sabha. However, it is a matter of relief that all these accused did not have any dangerous weapon.

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